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  1. newzealandwr450

    300 xc and xcw top speeds?

    do the math that guy was talking about Km not miles.
  2. newzealandwr450

    Ashley Fiolek in Men's Motocross?

    Silverburr if this girl thought the way you think she would not be where she is today. Why is it "impossible"? People who think the way you do "never" get anywhere. I'm sure some of the things you said in that post you apply to your own life good luck with that.
  3. newzealandwr450

    post pics of your desert 300 xc's

    That is the pic i was looking for. Loving the natural tank, what else have you done to it? how much did you get it for? I am on a WR 450 and i'm ready to lighten up the load a bit, a lot of people seem to make that same transition from the 450 thumper to this bike. what are your thoughts on the bike so far?
  4. thinking about getting one and want to see what you guys are doing to these bikes. thanks.
  5. newzealandwr450

    Whats Your WR450's Top Speed

    84 mph gps'd on a dry lake bed stock gearing, jd jet kit fmf exhaust all the free mods.
  6. newzealandwr450

    Honda electrical/starter prob.help

    This is not for a honda but a Kazuma 50 cc 4 stroke electric start bike. I know it is a cheap bike etc but i need help. I hadn't started for a couple of months then i went to start it and the starter motor got stuck "on" so the starter motor kept turning over until i disconnected the battery. I check for loose or bad connections, split wires, grounds etc but now if i touch the positive cable back to the battery the starter will turn over. I even disconnected the starter button. Can anyone shed some light on this problem. Thanks
  7. newzealandwr450

    xr100 2002 tank question

    Looking for a desert tank to put on my wife's xr100 we go on long distance rides and it would be nice to not have to carry additional bottles of gas with us. Anyone know of where i could pick up a desert tank? thanks.
  8. Originally i wanted to go to MMI to become a motorcycle tech however due to my circumstances it is just not possible mainly due to location. Anyway i found online the "Professional Career Developement Institute" they offer a year long course fender to fender on bike repair. Has anyone heard of or even done this course. It is all theory and all books because it is an online course. I would be able to find bikes to work on for the "hands on" part of it but if anyone knows anything about this particular course please give me some feed back. thanks
  9. newzealandwr450

    Over Heating Wr450 2005

    Thanks for all of the help guys i will get that jd jet kit and take care of this problem.
  10. newzealandwr450

    steering stabilizer + renthal bars?

    I have an 05 Wr 450 with the stock Renthal bars that they come with is there a stabilizer that i can use with these bars or do i have to get pro tapers or something other than my renthals? Help
  11. newzealandwr450

    CR 80 Forks on an XR 100

    My Girlfriend has a 2002 XR 100. I heard you can put CR 80 forks on an XR 100. Does anyone know if this is fact and if so what years are compatible with the 2002 XR 100?
  12. newzealandwr450

    Suspension Prob. 02'xr100

    ok cool thanks for the information. I thought that was strange that i could bunny hop it. I shall figure it out.
  13. newzealandwr450

    Suspension Prob. 02'xr100

    is the stock rear shock on an xr 100 pretty stiff, i'm new to the feel of a honda is it supposed to feel that way.
  14. newzealandwr450

    Suspension Prob. 02'xr100

    I recently bought my girlfriend an xr 100 2002 but the suspension does definately not feel stock. I think the previous owner...man used to jump it or something. I weight 180 lbs and if i jump on flat ground to feel the suspension i can get both front and back wheels off the ground. It is not safe for my 100lb girlfriend. I need to put it back to stock, or do something so the suspension feels the way it should. The rear shock and spring i can get from ebay, how about the front forks what can i do? Help.
  15. newzealandwr450

    Brake Slide?

    will definately try it, just a little thing to tighten up my riding. cheers. 05' WR 450