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  1. schwick

    front brake caliper bolt

    got it taken care of!
  2. schwick

    front brake caliper bolt

    Anyone have an extra laying around they would like to sell? Lost one of mine and figured I'd check here before hitting up the dealer.... TIA
  3. schwick

    R1 muffler on a Drz

    Just out of curiousity, Whats the purpose/gain of doing this?
  4. schwick

    drz die cast?

    http://www.powersportmodels.com/CartGenie/prod-14.htm that is a link to a blue one, if you look around on ebay you can find a yellow one as well but no sm
  5. schwick

    my 400sm is acting weird

    you should be able to trace the wires up underneith the seat cut them and connect them together and be good to go. Refer to this thread for more detailed explanation http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=161047&highlight=kick+stand+switch
  6. schwick

    drz die cast?

    I was just curious if anyone has ever found a die cast model of an SM the only ones I can seem to find are the S or E models. TIA
  7. schwick

    insurance company!!!!

    Someone may correct me if I'm wrong, but you should get the option to buy the bike back from the insurance company. You will get the money for what they value it at. Then would be able to buy it back and pay for the repairs yourself....
  8. schwick

    Can the DRZ 400 go all day?

    I ran 70-80 mph a couple weeks ago for about 140miles one way then turned around 2 days later and went back and had no problems. I did gear up one tooth on the front to keeps the rpms down. Didn't notice any overheating or oil burning just a sore butt!
  9. schwick

    Rivet type master link?

    Also running clip style master link, saves a lot of hassel when changing out front sprockets!
  10. schwick

    using 160/60 rear tyre

    use the search function, you will find that many people have had good luck running a 160, not sure about that brand though. Many prefer the michelin pilot power
  11. schwick

    Loctite - blue or red?

    fishpost19 is correct!
  12. schwick

    Who rides with passengers???

    I've rode with passengers before and its not that bad. Never done more than 10-15 miles with a passenger though mostly just cruising around town. Didn't change my suspension at all either but I'm 200lbs and passenger was never over 115lbs either. Just use more caution when taking off and slowing down and you will be just fine. Handling wise, as long as they don't fight you when turning the drz does pretty well. For long trips you will probably end up uncomfortable pretty fast. I'd look for passenger pegs on ebay or watch the tt classifieds and see what you can find.
  13. schwick

    Need some suggestions on upgrades?

    have her pay for half of a full exhaust!! you'll love it
  14. schwick

    Bought a 06 400 SM

    If you don't like the contiforce I'd recommend the Michelin Pilot Power, many guys run them here including myself, very nice tire. As far as mods check out www.wheelingcyclesupply.com Forrest is the drz man and has lots of nice parts for the z. Although before buying any parts you might want to buy a pair of pants for riding
  15. schwick

    How many 35,000+ mile DRZ's

    well if I add a 0 to mine ill have that many! Congrats on the problem free drz I hope mine goes that far