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  1. Ok I just got a new 530 and want to know if any one knows if you can put real number plates like the motocross versions ? and has anyone done any hop up what did you like and dislike Thank you for any input good or bad Tell me any thing you have tried with this model I just bought it to be street legal but will only ride maybe 5 % street the rest trails and we will see how it does on the motocross track
  2. kx250f72


    1 Charge them 35-45 bucks to unload tri axle of clean fill most people are looking to dump 2 if you are going to pay it should be about 50 bucks a load and it could take ten loads just to build a nice doulble with table landing
  3. kx250f72

    Looking for indoor mx, from indy

    earlywine is a bit further but maybe a bit better track , motoplex is nice and not as cold they also have parts too !! if i was going anywhere right now i would go to motoplex ( my wife prefers motoplex too )
  4. kx250f72

    Burning Up Coolent! Help!

    try redline water wetter mine would boil over alittle when i would ride with slow people in the woods since i added it i have not boiled over at all you can get it at auto parts stores about 6.00 2-3 cap fulls will do it also put it in my boys ktm pro jr for tight tech sections that worked too everyone i turn on to it loves it so good luck
  5. kx250f72

    ? Haspin acres Motocross Big Track

    Yes I have done many of the hare scrambles there and they are very nice !! About the track I have beeen talking to them about it and it does make it hard for the promoter to make it with them keeping all the gate but we want to get it going for the sport and figure out a way to afford to do it . I have been going there since I was 18 and would like to see the track how it used to be !!
  6. kx250f72

    ? Haspin acres Motocross Big Track

    How many people would like to see the big track redisigned and a summer long of racing like district races not how it has presently be run if someone knows how to make this a poll go ahead and thanks
  7. kx250f72

    Dozer donation

    Please give exaples of sweetning the pot besides things like fuel and transportation paid for by me !! We are just looking for some with equipment that loves to ride as much as we do and I have a great place with no noise ordiance ect.. oh and only people with equipment should reply and like to help others as well as I do
  8. kx250f72

    Dozer donation

    If anyone has access to a dozer to help redisign our track behind dancer on west washington street I can hook you up with free practice .I have plenty of dover and heavy equipment experience but my budget is low any help would be greatly appricated call Dean @ 317-281-4070 thanks for looking
  9. kx250f72

    burning valves out help!!!!

    Ok my wife recommends we all trade our 4 strokes for 2 strokes ha ha . We all know that won't happen . Well lets get to your valves . I can almost guarentee your seats do not need recut because the seat's are a much harder metal than your ti valves. Your valves are slowly creeping in the seat's and getting smaler and smaller I bet you keep on losing compression to . Get stainless steel and stiffer springs on the intake only and you should be fine . When this first happend to me I bought a shim kit and went all the way to the smallest size that worried me so I put the bike up untill I could put the new valves in .It is not that hard . So good luck and hope this helps
  10. kx250f72

    Whats with the BIG shims?

    it better to have the shims at 3.0 than 1.2 get a hot cams shim kit they are great and go from 1.20-3.75 mm as you have to use smaller shims that means your valves are starting to wear and if you have to stray to far from your 3.? good luck check clearances all the time just to be safe intake .04-.06 exhaust .06-.09 hope this helps
  11. kx250f72

    06 dropping valves?

    05 here and yes both valves keeped creeping up in the seats replaced the ti vales with stainless steal and no problems on no im not a newbe if you want to know all the steps i took to make my bike more dependable you can email me at kx250f97@sbcglobal.net Dean
  12. kx250f72

    coolent leak

    that should not be coolant that hole on the right side of your cylinder is so water can come out of your spark plug hole just had my engine completly redone last friday and i was wondering the same thing so we ran safty wire through it an it only goes to the hole where the spark plug is hope this hepls
  13. kx250f72


    how much was your pre assembled head
  14. kx250f72

    Motocross @ Indianapolis

    Yes it is a small place ,but fun if your looking for big jumps I would go elsewhere ,right now unitll we finish it every time I turn around we are making it better it takes about 1:05 to complete a lap if your pretty fast the jumps are about 4ft high but send you far for the way we made them we just like moto this is a small set up but I see it growing in the future if we support this track and you get alot of time on this track too !! And yes practice is every thursday and thinking off adding tuesdays also per all the request
  15. kx250f72

    Motocross @ Indianapolis

    Hey guys , the pit bike track behind has been redesigned to fit full size bikes also it has a tight indoor style section with lots of passing and some wide open areas to go to www.indianapolisnationalspeedway.com for more detailed information on the pit bike page.