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  1. jonnyrocket56

    What's your ratio?

    50:1 Bel ray HIR
  2. jonnyrocket56

    what makes a rim crack?

    The same thing happen to my little brother so we went to a weld shop and got it welded has worked great since then.
  3. jonnyrocket56

    Is This bike worth the money?

    1996 Gas Gas Trials motorcycle. New top end and clutch kit. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcy/615175782.html
  4. jonnyrocket56

    rough ride

    I have a 2002 kx 250 that i took to ocotillo wells today but i had a little problem. I got beat by the terrain and my bike. My suspension seems to be wicked rough and I cannot get the bike to ride smoother. So is there anyway to change the settings easily or do i take it in to get revalved?
  5. jonnyrocket56

    What's up with my high idle in gear?

    i cleaned out jets again, but to no avail. anymore suggs?
  6. My '02 YZ250F idles correct in neutral but the problem is, when put in gear and crack the throttle, idle stays higher than normal. However, when bike is put back to neutral the idle retruns to normal. Are there any suggestions?
  7. jonnyrocket56

    URGENT QUESTION. 14t frn sprocket on 05 KX250

    On my 02 i was able the barley fit the 14 tooth sprocket it fits in between the the chain you have to stick that chainguard on then try to get the bolts lined up.
  8. jonnyrocket56

    quick question

    What weight tranny oil goes in a 2002 CR 250?
  9. jonnyrocket56

    sproket changes

    i would like to know if you guys think it is a little too much changing my countershaft sproket from a 13 stock to a 15 tooth sproket i have a 2002 Kx 250 stock
  10. jonnyrocket56

    Zip ties and flats

    i just ride on the flat. i have ridden for 20 or so miles with a flat back you just don't bomb down to trail
  11. jonnyrocket56

    2 stroke oil

    bel ray 50 to 1
  12. jonnyrocket56

    4st-back to 2-st?

    i recently bought a 2 stroke to replace my fat pig four stroke and love the smoker i also feel safer on a smoker. i ride it like a cheap pony and i still does not break
  13. jonnyrocket56

    Street Legal

    I need to know if I could Street legalize a 2002 YZ426F because if I can. a guy will buy my bike so I could finally get rid of it.
  14. jonnyrocket56

    Does a 2002 kx250 have good suspension?

    i just brought one and i think it is the best bike i owned the motor was way strong and smooth very light and replaced my 450 four stroke