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  1. VegasVic17

    Carb help in Las Vegas

    Well, It's not a POS. Actually, I've got nothing but praise with this bike for how clean it is. But still, I called all the Honda Dealerships here and some Cycle shops and explained that and said that all i thought it was was a carb problem. They didn't care. Sorry!!! But today, I decided just to go down to a well respected Honda dealership that told me no over the phone. I explained the problem in person and they said they would go ahead and look at it. Yeah.... So I have an appointment on Thur. to bring it in. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. VegasVic17

    Carb help in Las Vegas

    Hey guys, I've never been good with carbs. I always take it in to get tuned. Now I need to get my '88 XR200R tuned. I cant keep it running and dont know which screw to turn, Bottom or Top. I've called a bunch of shops here in Las Vegas and they all say '96 and newer. First, which screw should I be turning. I guess its 1/8 a turn and out for more gas. Second, anyone know of any shops here in Las Vegas that'll work on an '88. Thanks for the help
  3. VegasVic17

    XR200R oil capacity?

    Yeah, I don't have a manual for it, but plan on buying one soon. And the local Honda shop says that they don't have anything that goes back that far. So does anyone know for sure. I guess I'll just add a quart and check the dipstick for now...
  4. VegasVic17

    XR200R oil capacity?

    I just bought a super clean 1988 XR200R for $500 and I want to change the oil now. I guess this model does not have a filter, just an oil Strainer. Is this correct? I bought some oil at the local Honda Shop- GN4 4 stroke oil sae 20W-50 SJ. Is this the correct oil for this bike out here in the Las Vegas Desert. Only 115* today! Also, what is the Oil capacity for this bike? Thanks!
  5. VegasVic17

    1988 XR250 oil filter?

    I'm new to this sport and just bought a nice 1988 XR250 from a friend. I wanted to change the oil so I went down to the local Honda shop and purchased the oil and filter. First off, where is the filter? I don't believe this bike has one. I pulled the drain plug and a spring and metal filter were in there, but I cannot seem to find a spot where the filter the shop gave me goes. Anyone know if this bike has an oil filter or not? Second question is how much oil should I put in? The guy at the shop told me 1.48 quarts with a filter change. Thanks for the help.