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  1. bluebrapper14

    homemade ttr frame cradles?

    hey here are a few pics of the one i built... to me bbr's cradles seem to stick out and down kind of far, so i wanted to keep it as close to the frame/motor as possible and heres how its attached at the rear
  2. bluebrapper14

    homemade ttr frame cradles?

    ha this is so funny ive never seen or even heard of someone making their own, so i decided to make one over christmas break. it ended up turning out pretty well. the rear mounts of mine are different than a bbr one but i think it will still work pretty good. but ill post some pics of it later on today
  3. bluebrapper14

    06 Yz clickers

    I weigh 125, and before I got my suspension done, I did as my suspension guy told and went 16-18 out on compression and 6-8 out rebound front and rear. It was night and day difference, much better than stock. I recently set up the suspension the same way for my friends new 450 and he weighs 160 he said it was waay better and you could tell just by watching the bike on the track. I dont know if you go to any races, but at most big mx races they have a few suspension guys in the pits who will set up your bike for free.
  4. bluebrapper14

    This amateur can scrub.

    He was on the KTM roster in motoplayground and I believe he was last year also.
  5. bluebrapper14

    bubba scrubin?

    most people try to lean the bike over with their bodies still straight up. Many times, Bubba's body is just as layed over as the bike is. When the real scrub is done, the front tire washes out on the face of the jump. You have to commit to it before the face of the jump, not when your front tire is already off the ground. I've only done it a couple of times and it felt awesome. When done correctly, it really allows you to go a little bit faster
  6. bluebrapper14

    how much oil 4 oil cooled 50

    400 cc is only almost a half a quart
  7. bluebrapper14

    See If You Can Figure This 1 Out

    make sure your ground is connected good
  8. bluebrapper14


    what about that xr100 top end your mechanic was putting in it
  9. bluebrapper14


    You should get a Pitster pro front end from tbolt usa. It comes with everything you need for $399
  10. bluebrapper14

    Wanna Wipe It????

    Heres me trying to whip it with some little ruts in the face of a jump
  11. bluebrapper14

    What bike is this pipe for??

    I believe that silencer is for a 450f quad or raptor
  12. bluebrapper14

    staggs ttr50

    It looks ugly to me only because of those bars pushed up all mexicano style.
  13. bluebrapper14

    pit bike wreck

    Can you believe the thing even crunk up on the firs kick too! I have a video I can e-mail somebody if they want to post it for me.
  14. bluebrapper14

    a little strange but fun none the less....

    you could throw on a tb 88 w racehead and some hanebrinks, uh I mean bombshells on the front, now that would be sick