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  1. Thanks for the help guys your right my max alt is 1k normal is 400-600 and its almost spring now after reading every wr jetting post im got to change to Red#4-5 mj 165 or 168 and pj 50 i think this will fix my problems ? Also with this help my starting or should i change the starterjet too ? PS where is the pj ? (floatbowl?)
  2. Just installed a JD jet kit in my wr450 05 (200km on the clock) I set it up as per the instuctions MJ 170 Blue #4 rest stock i have opened the pipe and all to normal mods the mix screw is about 3 turns out to run right as less and the rev's stay up for a second or too (to me that sounds lean)so i think i need to change the pilot jet as the rev's go up if i pull the choke and it doesnt stall when it warm with the choke on. it seens to run ok at high rev's but it a real dog at low rev's (idle) I have no bog that i can tell. it will stall if a realy wack the thottle but i dont have a problem when riding but its hard to start even when warm, Sounds too lean to me if anyone has some advice on how to attack this problem PLEASE feel free help
  3. WRNoob

    Cold starting question

    I Was told by the dealer not to use the electric leg from cold as it is a little weak and it will crank too slow if the battery is a Little down on amps.
  4. I'm looking at getting a bigger bike (poor old TTR250 cant hold my 115kg's) I have narrowed it down to a WR as the KTM it too tall for me and a little twitchy for my liking (I'm old ). I'm looking at a new 05 450 but want some feed back on how much better (if any) it is over the older models and if its $$$ cost for the new one is a better idea. P.S hi all this is my first post here.