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  1. it effectively makes your carb smaller only at half throttle. it doesn't reduce peak power because you can still open the throttle the rest of the way. ding dong.
  2. anybody running an athena 290 kit with hotcams? stage 1 or 2?
  3. they are two completely different forks. the xc forks are like showas and the xc-w forks are like kyb's. i forget what ktm calls them.
  4. 2 strokes dont have cams wise guy
  5. sudco or motosport outlet under oem parts
  6. pw50 whoa your kinda big for 15 get a 125 stroke or 250 four stroke. that 80 will be too small for you. crf150 big wheel if you have the bucks. any 125 two stroke if you want to try it out cheap.
  7. yeah whats up with the frame
  8. own two still ride and love them. like my four stroke also. currently trying to figure out how to get a kdx200 motor in an 06 kx250f frame though
  9. thats normal riding procedure
  10. never had a problem with wiseco pistons
  11. go here i'd say .50 in the forks and a 6.0 on the shock for a guy your size http://www.racetech.com/evalving/english/Srchpr.asp?bikeid=1099&manufacture=Suzuki&model=RM%2DZ450&year=2006&TABLEINFO=dirt&langname=english
  12. anybody know what the i.d. on the midvalve shims are? i was thinking they were 6mm. i have some i took out of a 05 crf250r and they measure 8mm. maybe im confused but i thought the forks were the same.
  13. anybody know where to buy shims? maybe an assortment? i found a place online but they are sold seperatly.