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  1. trxR

    Best Exhaust

    Nmotion, outperforms all others, period
  2. trxR

    Best Exhaust

  3. trx is alot larger, and no they won't fit, I would check out www.trailtech.net I believe they make they lighting kits for the crf.
  4. trxR

    Best Exhaust

    Nmotion full system, looks good, billet aluminum hangers, but very loud.
  5. trxR

    Honda "Mysto" web cam

    I just purchased the "mysto" web cam, adjustable cam gear, +2mm buckets, heavy duty springs, shortened bronze valve guides, +1mm SSintake and SSexhaust valves, along with a je 13.5:1 piston, cylinder head is being ported and ploshind, and the full Nmotion exhaust. Its getting all the machining right now, so I'm hoping the middle of August to get it back. Has anyone done this or now somebody who has, and do you think I'll hit the 50hp on this setup. I'm using stock bore, 94mm piston, the motors being built for total top end. Thanks any input is appreciated.