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  1. Hello, Just wondering if you guys know any online shops to buy original and aftermarket parts for GasGas bikes. Specifically the EC300. I know of: gofasters.com & smackovermotorsports.com Any more you guys know of? Greatly appreciated.
  2. Good to hear you are happy with the new bike. I rode a 525 last weekend and it was a ripper. They certainly are a nice machine! I am also going to buy a brand new one in a month or two. Mabey the 450 for me, but will see how things go. What is the break in procedure for your shiny new 525?
  3. spd33y

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    Hey guys. I am 90% sold on buying an 06 WR450F here in OZ (upgrading from my 03 DRZ400E). I have been trying to get onto the FAQ about the free mods, but yesterday and today I am having not luck. Has this been down for a while? Cheers, Spd33y.
  4. spd33y

    Dr-z400e > Wr450f

    I am considering selling my ’03 DR-Z and buying a new 06 WR450F. I have had my bike for one year now and it is going well. I was about to spend several hundred dollars getting the suspension correctly setup for my weight (finally), but at the same time I would not mind upgrading to the WR and putting the money into that (better all round bike, better suspension etc). The longer I have my bike and when the time comes to sell it the less and less I will get for it. So I am considering the time to upgrade is now. I am 6’3” 100kgs not including my gear and in some ways the DR-Z feels a bit small when I am standing up. I am basically gripping between the seat and the tank and not on the tank alone. Does the WR450F suit a taller rider better than the DR-Z? I think the WR would be an all round better performing bike, and I think my abilities would improve faster on one of them. I also think in some ways the DR-Z is holding me back from my riding improving (might just be the suspension not setup correctly, and the extra weight). What would I need to do to it to be ready to ride offroad? I assume bash plate, radiator guards, bark busters… What maintainance schedule do these bikes require? And how long is the motor expected to last before any work is needed to be done (top end rebuild etc). Was thinking about a KTM 450EXC but I don't need a full on maintainance hungry race bike for the type of riding I do. I think it is time to upgrade otherwise my bike will not be worth selling for the money I would get for it. Thanks for your help and advice! Spd33y.
  5. Hello, I need to get some new bars for my OZ model DR-Z400E. I have the 1.5" forward fatbar bar risers from barrisersonline. Just after some advice on some new bars. I have checked out the Renthal Pastrana FMX bars, but I am not sure if I like the angle back they have. Suggestions welcome please. Cheers, J.
  6. Sounds like a plan. I will try it out and let u guys know. Thanks again!
  7. The snorkle and baffal are removed. It comes with a 165 Main and 45 Pilot Standard. I was under the impression, that when you de-restrict it, you need to put bigger jets in.
  8. Thanks for they replys guys. I appreciate it. I am using the stock exhaust with the baffal removed and also the airbox snorkle. The 165 Main jet is standard here in Oz. and 45 pilot also standard. (comes standard with these jets, with the airbox snorkle and baffal also) The squirt duration is about 1 sec, not sure about the timing tho.
  9. Hello, I have a 2003 DR-Z400E European model with the FCR Carb. Did the Taffy mod on the weekend, seemed to help a bit. But I think I read somewhere that the Taffy mod is for 01 models and earlier, and the BK mod is for 01 and onwards? Is this true. I thought they were achiving the same thing. Just after your opinion on which of (or all) these mods should I do to get rid of the off idel bog when you snap the throttle on. The Taffy mod helped, the bike does not stall now, but still bogs when idling. But is fine when riding (more responsive than before). 165 Main - 45 Pilot - 1.5 turns fuel screw. <3000ft elevation. Thanks for you input.
  10. Hello, I am going to attach a fan (prob 120x120mm) at the back of my left radiator sucking air into the radiator, with a switch so I can turn it on / off, and just turn it on for the tight technical stuff on my '03 DR-Z400E. Just wondering where most people got their power soruce from? and how much amps / volts etc there is to play with. and what type of fans other people have used for this aplication. I have a 12V 6.8W fan sitting on my computer desk, which seems like a good candidate. Thanks for your input.
  11. Hello. I am about to make my first order from the TT store. Can't get some of the parts in Oz. :-( I am getting the MCCT and CFC case guards (ignition and clutch pack). I already have a bash plate and radiator guards. What else protection wise should I order? DR-Z400E 2003 10,000kms Thanks!
  12. spd33y

    MCCT for newbie ?

    I am thinking it is best to get the chain done at the Suzuki Dealer. I have no experience with working inside engines. I have never even taken the rocker cover off. I would like to venture inside someday. How much labour is involved in changing the Cam Chain? Could a Car Motor Mechanic (with the DRZ Manual) be able to change the Cam Chain? Cheers.
  13. I was after what PlaneDR linked. Thanks alot, looks very interesting and helpful. After reading a fair bit of it (for now) I am alot more confident in changing the tyre. Thanks again. Will let you know how I go.
  14. I want to learn how to change the tyre and tube myself. I am a newbie and am just wondering if someone has some good links that explain how and what makes up a dirtbike tyre. (Rim, Rim lock, spokes, tube, tyre etc), and how they all fit/work together, and what you should be cautious of when changing a tube and tyre. Thanks!
  15. spd33y

    MCCT for newbie ?

    So the ACCT having one or two clicks left means that it definately needs to be replaced?. How do they wear out, just over time? How much would a new Cam Chain cost and how much labour is involved? Should I get a genuine Suzuki Cam Chain, or is there better after market options out there. Anything else I should replace if I am doing the chain and MCCT. Sorry for asking so many questions, better I do it correctly, and not do any damage.