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  1. huskyfrk

    rear rack

    anybody have a rack from 7602 that you no longer using ? don’t know of any other company that built one for the bike. thoughts ??
  2. huskyfrk

    Changing stator on 2000 te 610

    call george at UP-tite racing. the guru of all pre austrian husky.
  3. huskyfrk

    Problems keep coming with the te

    could the cover have been welded ?
  4. huskyfrk

    2009 TXC 250 intake valves

    kibble white made aftermarket SS valves for the huskies. ironically the factory valves for the huskies were made here in the states. by Del West.
  5. looks like its time for a new header pipe. IMHO
  6. even w a balance shaft the 510 shakes more then a 450. just the nature of the beast. i suggest you look for a Leo Vince . put a leo on my smr 450 , it was originally for a 610 , i got rid of both of the mufflers and cats. runs so much cooler. and saved almost 10 lbs over the twin set up. and my SMR450RR came w an arrow set up from the factory. just food for thought.
  7. huskyfrk

    American dirt bikes?

    somebody mentioned a yankee 500 . for those that are young, that was two ossa 250 top ends, and tranny w a custom crankcase, with regular ossa suspension. an american idea, but executed in spain. a very rare piece.
  8. huskyfrk

    Need 570 / 610 / 410 3rd gear!

    try george at uptite racing. in santa ana.
  9. huskyfrk

    Good Thing No Need for This on CRF230F

    i have never seen lengths on tubes from the carb to a filter making a HP increase. longer intake manifolds themselves will increase torque, that is a given in any tuning book. unless you have dyno sheets i am more the skeptical. and i have yet to see a SRX -600 spin into the 11k range.
  10. info on cafe husky will give you jetting info. you can skip the JD kit and go with a yamaha needle, pilot , main and idle jet sizes are listed on cafe husky.
  11. huskyfrk

    Basic wearable VOR parts

    what kind of stator is on it. if it is anything like a husky, the magnets could have come unglued. might want to check that. and make sure you have a proper ground. that is a problem so many times. let us know what develops.
  12. huskyfrk

    Nevada to CA title transfer - Baja Kit

    take the serial numbers , frame and engine, hope your a AAA member and have them run them to see if it will fly. if you go to the DMV and it doesn’t you will not have a second chance. it’d will b red flagged. take it from me on long unregistered bikes and or out of state. hope this helps.
  13. huskyfrk

    Yamaha xt 250 Supertrapp Discs

    ^^^ you have that backwards, more discs means more flow and more noise. not sure how you came up with that result. they come lean from the factory, you will want to check the leak jet, and pilot jet. somebody should have a starting point for you if enough people click on this. i would go one stage at a time from a 165 to a 170 you will also want to try changing the clip on the needle. have you done a plug reading ??
  14. huskyfrk

    07 Husky 510 SMR cylinder head help

    have you found any debris in your pan when you drain the engine ??? yo might send theatric to george at up-tite the guru will know... the pic....
  15. huskyfrk

    Bike won't start - 2002 VOR EN450

    nice to see you posted the shop name. it might help others.