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  1. tonyxl250

    older 250cc dirt bike wanted

    i have an 02 xl250 built for dirt but it has all lights & stuff to make it street legal,may take 500.00 but would rather trade for street bke. e-mail me @ tony4389@aol.com,i would love an rd350 or above! i don't know much about this bike,but i can say it has way more power than my brand new 93 dr350 ever had!
  2. tonyxl250


    got the seat off and found a pint szd resivoir w/no intake port or anything.if anyone knows what this is let me know! i know it's not brake,oil,or gas,what can it be? like i've said before i have no manual,i'm flying blind! it is a large tank, can't imangine what it's for! btw if you have a 91-92 xl250 owner manual please let me know.thnx!
  3. tonyxl250

    how to bumpstart bike

    try a big hill,get it rolling good,hit 3rd if that won't do it try 2nd,and if that wont do it try going the carb route.
  4. tonyxl250

    need info on 92 xl-250

    thnx! any info i can get is very helpful!
  5. tonyxl250

    Rusty Chain....

    i've always had good luck w/motor oil a bit messy but let the excess run off & turn the wheel a bit to get it worked in.it seems to work great.
  6. tonyxl250

    street bike deaths

    i am36 yrs old and have been riding for about 16 yrs and have mainly rode in the dirt but i have owned a sp 125 a 93dr350 a 86 fj600,mylast street bike i bought w/cash an 02 cbr954rr,no doubt this was a great bike and i could handle it if i gave the bike the respect it deserved,but i made the mistake of being stupid and tried to pass an older lady who was going too slow me,as i made sure i had clean pass she proceeded to turn left onto a side rd.i'm glad that she wasn't injured but i am mad at myself as i lost a 10,000 dollar bike + i had to pay for her 900.00 bluebook car from the ins.co. for about 1600.00 because i was cited for an improper lane change and no proof of insurance which i could not afford.anyway just respect your bike and dont be in a hurry because it can and will take your life,also sorry for the long post!
  7. tonyxl250

    Dumb ?? Titles

    the bike i just got used but the owner said he couldn't sign it over to me because he never had regeristed it in his name,can i just apply for a lost title?it is a dual sport and i would like to get tags for it.i'm in tn btw any ideas?
  8. just got a 92 xl250 i have no manual or any info.if anyone knows anything about these bikes such as oil capacity or anything about the rfvc motor and what means please respond.also i noticed it has two head pipes,does this mean it is a twin cylinder or what?
  9. tonyxl250

    Rusty Chain....

    from what i've heard you shouldn't use wd-40 on an o-ring chain,like i said this is only hearsay but you may want to check it out.i think the issue was a deterioration of the rubber o-rings
  10. tonyxl250

    quick question

    i had one too,it was 1 of the best i ever owned and i have had about 10
  11. tonyxl250

    Cleaning your air filter, why...?

    the filter can be cleaned! simply wash and rinse,then use your pref of air cleaner to re-lub! btw i have found that motor oil works fine! just my 2cents!
  12. don't know but,I can say that direct tv sux!!!!!
  13. tonyxl250

    Broken Bones!!!

    never broke a bone but, t-b a car going about 60mph on a cbr954 ,can't blame the bike it was great! anyway i still have plastic imbedded in my skin,lost alot of skin & cash live & learn i hope!
  14. tonyxl250

    How long?

    who cares
  15. tonyxl250

    need help

    just got a 92' xl-250, i have no owners manual if know of any links or have any info please let me know! thank you. btw you can e-mail me at tony4389@aol.com