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  1. ktm4strk

    painting hoses?

    Surely you've seen the CV4 hi-temp silicone hoses that are on many of the factory race bikes. They are avail. for most of the current 250 & 450 mx & offroad bikes and lots of quads too. You can find their ads in Cycle News & Dirt Rider.
  2. ktm4strk

    coolored silicone hoses

    CV4 is the connection on these for alot of different bikes & quads. My buddies & I have gotten several sets from them & they're good to deal with. Talk to Jim or Shane & I bet they can hook you up.
  3. ktm4strk

    Radiator hose kits for CRF-450

    It's the guys at CV4 Racing Products in North Carolina. I've got some stuff from them but they've got ads in Cycle News & some of the other magazines now too. I dealt with Jim at 800-448-1223 ext. 149.
  4. ktm4strk

    Replacement for OEM intake valves?

    The best way to go for any performance is to go ahead & upgrade to a premium titanium valve that CV4 makes. They make valves for everything from Formula one on down. We got a set for an RMZ for around $500 plus another $90 or so for their PSI springs and titanium retainers. I also ride with a guy on a CRF450 that has their stuff. Premo-top quality! Its worth it to go with the spring upgrade for performance & reliability. They also clued us as to how important it is to have the seats in good shape & will sell you the good seats to repair your head if you need them (I think they call them ampco 45 mat'l.??) Alot of top builders are using their stuff. I think one of the guys there is Jim. The phone I had for them is 800-448-1223. Good luck!
  5. ktm4strk

    Colored rad hoses

    The good guys at CV4 Racing Products are the ones making & distributing the colored hoses. It's a silicone hose that helps dissipate heat & is more resistant to damage. They didn't have any for my KTM yet but it looked like they had them for most of the Japanese 4 strk mx'ers & quads. They do look pretty cool too; I saw them on several of the pro bikes at Mt. Morris & Budds Creek.
  6. ktm4strk

    Just bought a thumper, heat?

    The Engine Ice is good stuff. The MX crowd is doing alot to redirect & control the heat. The Fluidyne radiators cool better & are less expensive than stock; the new silicone hoses are supposed to help (I think CV4 is the company doing them for the teams). Those guys are even running the little temperature strips that stick to radiators, heads, etc. & let you see how hot it is. I bought a 3 pk. for $14.95. One other thing that is interesting is the reflective film that is being put under the tank area to reduce heat buildup; it's like you see in aircraft engine compartments; CV4 has it too.
  7. ktm4strk

    Valve Issue

    I ride with a couple of guys who have tried the titanium valves that CV4 is selling. They are super high quality pieces & they've got the springs & everything to go with them. They seem to be getting better HP & are lasting better...