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  1. busa1301z

    gas cap leaking on 2006 525EXC??

    Ive tried adding a thin o-ring but never thought to cut out the factory seal and put a big fat one in. I knew if I read a million threds I would find someone with the answer..DAH..feel like an Idiot. I do know a new tank is not the answer. Not that complex of a problem. Thanks!
  2. busa1301z

    300 power mods?

    Ride an XC. No 450 will out run you in the woods. The 300 is like taking a Gatlin gun to a knife fight. Really.
  3. busa1301z

    This Damn 300 keep overheating!?

    must , must have a thermostat! Contrary to opinion.. a motor wothout a thermostat continues to circulate coolant that is already hot. The coolant needs to be held in the radiator so that air can cool it before it is released back into the motor. Replace the thermostat first and go from there.
  4. busa1301z

    300 xc and xcw top speeds?

    ok..ran the stock 2007 300xc 14/50 gearing to 85 mph this weekend and I called the tower for take off instructions. So...85 for sure..a little bit faster if youve got the nerve. Still had some throttle left.
  5. busa1301z

    ktm 300 range issues

    maybe a shot in the dark..have a new 300xc and the tank leaks like a waterfall when in heavy whoops. Theres an oring kit from your dealer that is supposed to fix the problem. I have one on order. I lost at least a gallon through the cap last weekend on an all day ride. Had to fuel at the next town to keep from running out. Does the tank have a quarter turn cap?
  6. busa1301z

    Anyone use the GREEN spring in their 300XC??

    came with your bike...I got worked over then...did he hand them to you or are they hiddden under the seat???
  7. busa1301z

    300 xc and xcw top speeds?

    my XR650L runs 90mph on straight knobbies with 14/53 gearing. 21/18 inch tires. The stock sprockets 15/45 and enduro tires it would do 115 mph if you had the balls to deal with the head shake. Just bought 07 300xc.......same tires...stock 14/50 gearing...my math puts the XC at about 90mph. The W model may stretch you out a little farther.
  8. busa1301z

    300 XC or XC-W Prices

    $5369 plus tax, title and reg. Dealer...On The Edge Amherst, Ohio. 2007 300XC.
  9. busa1301z

    2007 300 XC spark arrester

    KTM neewbie..(lunched the XR650) 2007 300XC...Is there spark arrester available for the stock silencer??Other than the purchase of FMF "Q" core or turbine core complete silencers.
  10. busa1301z

    tell me about the 300 exc

    Just bought 07 300XC. I have about 10 hours on it. Been 2 stroke nut 4ever. Also have XR 650 . All set up for GNCC stuff. This thing is a razor blade! Bottom third of throttle is like a 4stroke. You can putt around the woods. Top two thirds of throttle is like an older 500 (2 stroke) or a modern 250 on steroids times ten. Yea baby! Point and click machine.