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  1. Mine did the same as yours and turned out to be the water pump seal.
  2. pops 56 TT Member Join Date: Nov 2005 Location: Australia Posts: 25 Re: Another Australian! Quote: Originally Posted by DP Vor450 Oz What has happened to DBW ? For the last 3 day's the site has vanished, is it just my computer settings or has everyone been locked out ? Hi DPVor 450 oz DBW is currently unavailable due to a major problem with our ISP over the weekend. To avoid people re-registering and then us restoring the old data over the top the site has been disabled. We are working very hard to restore the site so please be patient. We will be back soon... From there web site . Cheers Ian.
  3. What has happened to DBW ? For the last 3 day's the site has vanished, is it just my computer settings or has everyone been locked out ?
  4. And this one as well. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=277904&highlight=vor450 My bike gave me hell for weeks before it was finally fixed properly. It has now got a grub screw threaded through the cage and into the flywheel so as to hold the magnets in the correct position. Have also had a sheared flywheel key and it gave the same problems - backfiring, hard to start, won't rev out ect. DP.
  5. Have a read of this thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=291655&highlight=vor450
  6. Did you find the problem yet ? Mine sheared the flywheel key last month. Magnets inside the fly wheel moved / rewind stator ignition pick-up 4 months ago. Both these problems cause the bike to run erratic / hard to start and backfire. Hope this may help if the problem has not already been sorted. DP.
  7. G'day vor530,I am in Griffith NSW. I have posted the address and phone number on Thread "VOR450 Backfiring and not revving out" They did a great job but it did take a few weeks to get it fixed and sent back.(they must be busy fixing all the VOR's in AUSTRALIA) Are you a member of Dirtbikeworld(the Aussie version of T.T.?)
  8. Small Coil Rewinds are in Geelong-Victoria. 50 Edols St, Geelong North, VIC 3215. Phone 03 52788454. This is the same factory that re-aligned the flywheel magnets and re-bonded/drilled and tapped,then grub screwed the cage in place that holds the magnets.
  9. SEE THREAD "VOR450 not revving out and backfiring" it all sounds very familiar. My bike was fixed under warranty so don't know how much a sensor and rewind will cost,if it is the sensor that is faulty. Where abouts are you in Aust?
  10. PROBLEM SOLVED. Dealer sent the complete electrical system (flywheel,magneto,coil-lead-plug,E.C.U and wiring harness) to "Small Coil Rewind" in Victoria(aust). They set it all up on a jig that tests the system and gives a computer displayed printout. The ignition timing pick-up sensor was breaking down under load. It was replaced (they have to rewind magneto as the sensor is embedded in the windings) and everything is now OK.
  11. The bike will start and idle perfectly. With the bike in neutral it will rev out,the missfire is there but not as noticeable. Try and ride the bike and it starts to brakedown/missfire/cough and fart at about 2000 rpm and won't rev out at all. This problem happened overnight,I did a very short ride on a Saturday(no missfire)put bike in shed ready for a big ride on Sunday.On Sunday it didn't even make it to the end of my driveway. I am now wondering if the magnets were correctly aligned before they were re-bonded. Hopefully it will be all sorted out soon and back on the trail where it belongs!!!
  12. My 2004 Vor 450 ene is stressing me out (and my dealer -its under warranty,lucky for me). The story so far, 4 weeks a go, - Milky oil in sump and bad miss fire above idle - Head gasket was changed but did not fix the problem. more investigations found leaking water pump seal and magnets loose inside the flywheel. Flywheel sent away for rebonding/riveting of magnets. This week - Flywheel went back on - Bike running better but still miss fires... Carby was taken off and checked and cleaned out. Spark plug and lead have been checked also. Dealer is still working on fixing this problem. He thinks it may be the coil/CID unit. Won't know until he can try a new one. I have done a shearch and read about sheared flywheel keys causing miss fire on older model Vor's but nothing has been said about faulty coils. Has anyone had a similar problem that was a faulty coil/CID on this model ? Cheers, DP.