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    I have a Question about an 09 KLX250S!!!

    Before you whack any part of the bike, reduce the rear spring preload while the suspension breaks in. This will give it more 'give' when you sit on it and get your feet closer to the ground. Next, learn to slide off the seat and plant one foot on the ground. Even if you can get the balls of your feet on the ground on the pavement, you'll need this technique in the uneven terrain you'll encounter off the pavement. It's a real confidence builder. Finally, wearing thick soled boots will make a surprising difference in your ability to hold up the bike. If none of this works for you, I'd do the seat first. Lowering links increase the leverage on the rear shock, effectively weakening it and possibly leading to more bottoming and the need for a stiffer spring. I had the Koubas on a DR-Z 400 and took them because of this. Since then, I had Sargent cut down the seat and it's just right.