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  1. Doc, Thanks for the speedy response. I found another film that might better show how low on the bone the break is. The ortho I have now is basing his opinion on needing 20mm to work with. Does this view make it look lower than that to you? I went o see him with both barrels loaded, pushing for a rod, based on recovery time and strength of the repair. He says he would prefer to do a rod, but the proximity to the ankle is the dealbreaker. I'm also a Kaiser patient, so any decision to go elsewhere comes at a high cost. Thanks again, James
  2. Dr. Mark, I was unlucky enough to spiral fracture my tib/fib off road riding last Wednesday. It was a low energy fracture, reasonably low speed low side, but my toe dug in and rotated my foot around as I fell. My only concern is that my ortho wants to plate it with a 90degree cannellated blade plate, rather than using a rod. The feeling is that the fracture goes too low, and there is not sufficient purchase for the screws at the bottom of the rod. Based on my x-rays can you give me your 2-cents on this one? Thanks very much in advance James
  3. Dave, Thanks for taking taking the time to post all the info. Is there any reason you chose the dished piston over a ring shim setup ? Just curious Thanks James