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  1. I was up there on the 13th. It was beautiful, just a dusting of snow that was only sticking around in the deep shadows. I don't think there's been any weather since then, but like others have said, call the ranger to make sure.
  2. what would be a good front tire to go with it?
  3. I've been looking for something similar as well. I've also been looking into helmet lights, so i can point them where i want with my head. Still haven't found anything that looks good AND affordable (for me anyway). Hope fully some one else here will have some ideas!
  4. I just installed some Symtec grip heaters that I got from casporttouring.com. Started the bike and they heat up really hot on high. Turn them off and everythings good, but if I switch it to low the bike dies. I checked all my connections and they're exactly like they should be. What is wrong? Where could it be shorting out? Anybody else have this problem?
  5. Anyone seen or tried these? http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4630452 Whadaya think?
  6. I've got the Muzzy aluminum slip on and I'd like to trade for a stock can (S or SM). It's a great muffler, but even with the insert, it's too loud for me. I've been having to go to work early lately, and I hate starting her up that early. Plus I love cutting through all the vacant lots on the way to work and would like to be quieter so I don't draw attention. If anyone's interested please let me know. It's in great shape, the only dent is where I massaged it with a mallet slightly to clear the shock spring. PM me, or email me at xjchad@hotmail.com Thanks! Chad
  7. www.americanmototire.com Front- 90/90S-21 $30.67 Rear- 120/80S-18 $42.07 Not bad huh?
  8. Thanks Sarge! I think I'm gonna try a set. The price is right. I'll post up how they work once I've ridden them for awhile. Chad
  9. Have any of you guys/gals run these? I'd like a more streetable tire than the D606's I have now for my S that will work for sportsman class too but still grip a little in the dirt for desert riding. Any feedback/reccomendations are welcome! Thanks! Chad
  10. Awesome! Thanks for all the help guys!
  11. Cool thanks! Does it matter what voltage I get?
  12. Okay, So now that I've looked for them on the internet (ebay), I see different voltages. What voltage do I need? And does it matter which post goes to +/- leads? Thanks!
  13. Cool, Thanks!
  14. Okay, So I've had the kickstart kit for my S for awhile now and just put it on because the battery kept dying. It works great! First kick every time! Now I want to remove the battery and starter. I know that I need a 4700uF elecrolytic capacitor (thanks to Natethegreat) but how do I wire it in? Just one end to posotive and the other to ground? Thanks in advance! Chad
  15. Wow! Now I think I will ask... what company is that through?