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  1. big-bore-killer

    Another exhaust question

    Quadracer 23 Yea you would have to buy a whitebrothers headpipe. What pipe do you have?? The E-series or R4??? J/W But yea Like i said the aftermarket pipe is made of a much lighter material and with the diameter being larger it allows for more and better exaust flow. Trust me if you bought a header for yours you'll notice a lot more low end power.
  2. big-bore-killer

    Quads get their spotlight!!

    Well it's kinda hard to tell who's being sarcastic and who's just being a moron so i figured you were just being a moron. lol.
  3. big-bore-killer

    30' 5th wheel / toy hauler ?

    We have a 2006 27 foot Vortex 5th wheel by Thor California and it's me my mom, dad, and our 2 dogs when we go to pismo or any where else riding and it's plenty of room. Just Last month we whent to Pismo and Me,my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and cousin all slept in it just fine. Theres the master bed up front (mom and dad) the dining table converts to a bed (cousin), a bed that goes up and down on rails with a switch ( aunt and uncle) and underneath that bed is a long pullout sofa that turns into a bed ( me). If you had a 40 footer you would be livin in luxury.
  4. big-bore-killer

    Quads get their spotlight!!

    RC, Reed, and Whindam are'nt going to just say "screw it" They have way too much on the line. Plus it takes a whole different tecknique to race a quad. Just because their awsome at racing dirt bikes doesnt mean they will be good racing quads.
  5. big-bore-killer

    Quads get their spotlight!!

    Since when did Travis Pastrana and Mike Metzger start racing quads. Is this true or are you just talking out of yer butt!!
  6. big-bore-killer

    2006 Trx450r

    CRF114c You havn't seen the Z-450!!!!! NO ONE HAS. It's not even close to coming out yet. We just got info on what it MIGHT have on it , like EFI and after market suspension stock. Don't even tell people you've seen it cuz your just going to start a flame war with z owners now come on don't be a moron.
  7. big-bore-killer

    Best Exhaust

    Pro-Circuit T4. It's not really loud. It just sounds really good. If you've heard a lot of aftermarket pipes the T4 really stands out. It really has it's own sound. It meets all requirements. 96 db I know cuz we got checked by a ranger before riding in oakhurst and pozo la panza riding areas. It also has a USFS screen type spark arrestor. Plus we got a heck of a deal on it. CT, HMF, DG, Sparks,and ESR are really really loud pipes.
  8. big-bore-killer

    450r muffler

    Get a pro circiut T4. Its sounds awsome. and it meets the 96 db limit here in cali. But I think you SOL when it come to not jetting cuz with an after market exaust even if it's a slip on you need to open the air box, get a better air filter, and you still have to rejet. Otherwise your wasting a ton of money just so you bike looks cool and sounds cool. Actually if you don't rejet or open up the airbox it's really not going to sound good cuz it's not going to be running right. It's really not that hard to re jet the carb. I do it sometimes in the middle of a riding session if she's running to lean or to rich.
  9. big-bore-killer

    2003 Z 400 Plastics

    You can got to fullboreinnovations.com they have some sick looking plastics (including black), they also are kinda expensive. There is also lakercustom.com they are who I would buy from. They have plenty of colors to choose from and you can get race cut fenders instead of doing it yourself. (which i just recently did with a hack saw!!) Most plastics I beleive are going to be around the $200 range. correct me if i'm wrong.
  10. big-bore-killer

    Another exhaust question

    Yes go with the full system. The header is what makes you or brakes you. I have a Pro Circuit T4 full system with Uni dual stage air filter Outerwears airbox cover and alba jets. The header on mine is noticably larger in diameter and lighter than stock and that's what really gives you your low end grunt. I can pull wheelies in no problem up to third gear without revving it and dropping the clutch.
  11. big-bore-killer

    Trail exhaust systems

    My dad and I did a lot of research before we bought our pipes. We poth have full Pro Circuit T4's and they are awsome. It's all low to mid range power which is perfect for trail riding, since that's about all we do. A guy we ride with has the CT sonic pipe and that also is a very good pipe. The CT has a ceramic coating on the header so it won't change colors and it keeps it just a little bit cooler.
  12. big-bore-killer

    Kyle Partridge....BIG double...vid

    That was awsome!!! I liked it when he blipped the throttle and brought the front end up when he was on his decent.
  13. big-bore-killer

    I would have run him over as well...Vid

    I would have driven toward the parked cars on the side, then slammed on the brakes so he would slide off of the hood and hit the parked car, but ya that idiot got what he deserved.
  14. big-bore-killer

    This just blows my mind, enjoy.

    He's freakin awsome. That's what you call TALENT!!!!
  15. big-bore-killer

    Cop: acidental discharge in face.

    That guy is lucky it didnt rickashay(sp) and hit him in the leg.