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  1. Guys, I crashed my friends '00 CR 250 and it smashed the pipe pretty good. He told me it was OK and not to worry about it, but I would like to get him another stock one anyway. Anybody out there got one for a '00-'01 they want to get rid of?
  2. You could always drill the head and secure it w/ safety wire.
  3. I just bought a D.I.D X-Ring chain. 9000 lb tinsel strength. Didn't notice any power loss. Besides, if anybody was that good of a rider and could tell the difference, you would be pro w/ you're own wrench and an unlimited supply of chains and sprockets.
  4. I use Castrol motor oil 10-40 with an SJ rating. Been running it for two years, change the oil & filter every 4-5 rides. Still have great compression. SG rated oil which is what most motorcycle oil is, is two grades lower. Sometimes, if its real hot during the summer, I get a little crazy and mix a little synthetic Mobil 1 20-50. I've been able to get away with 50% mix before it gets too slick and the clutch slips (depending on how stiff your springs are). Most of the time I run a 25% M1 synthetic 20-50 : 75% Castrol 10-40 I think it has more to do with the oil change intervals as well as how hard you ride the machine. I do what works, and this has been working for me in all of my motorcycles since 94'.
  5. well, I finished it up this weekend along w/ a new chain and sprockets. I'm ready to roll! Now, if only it weren't 29deg outside.
  6. OK, I have the old bearing cups removed and the bearing off the stem. I bought an All Balls bearing kit. It came with a bottom dust cover / seal which the bike never had when I took it apart nor does it show one in the exploded view of the service manual.
  7. Figures! Thanks for the info.
  8. I'm having trouble removing the lower bearing on the steering stem. As of now, the cage that holds the bearings is gone as are the needle bearings. All thats left is the inner race that won't budge. Any suggestions?
  9. Thank you.
  10. Where you can you find FMF's jetting suggestions? When I got my bike (03' YZ 450) it had a 170 main with a FMF Ti4 full system. Its feeling a little too fat WOT. I'm going to step it down to a 168 but I would like to know what FMF suggests to begin with to help get me closer.
  11. I getting ready to purchase a couple main jets for my 03' YZ 450F. Question: Do I need to tell them that its for an 03' YZ 450F or just order the sizes I need. (MAIN JET KEIHIN HEX 168 and MAIN JET KEIHIN HEX 165). I guess the question im asking is: As long as its for a Keihin, the threads and everything will be correct?
  12. Best looking bike?? Do you actually ride them or show just showem'? j/k. I have to admit, those 06's do look sexy!
  13. If you're buying something new and can afford it, get a turbo diesel. Ford, Chev or Dodg, you really cant go wrong with either... Unless you plan to modify.
  14. I got one for every new bike I ever purchased. And car.