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  1. Thmuper

    Ignition Switch Interchangability

    I think later models use renthal Fat bars so the spacing of the mounting holes of the ignition bracket are different, the switch is the same though. You can buy the switch separately and just use two keys. That's what I do, I'm on my third ignition lock after two previous theft attempts.
  2. Thmuper


    I think this is what you are looking for from allan's performance in the uk. but double check the data sheets or give them a ring. The data section at the bottom of the page is quite useful. The carb adapter from the Drz 400 E is normally used for the FCR MX 39mm conversion. Are you sure of your measurements 2 3/8" is roughly 60mm. http://www.allensperformance.co.uk/ http://www.allensperformance.co.uk/carb-kit/fcrmx39b-includes-air-cut-off-valve-and-hot-start-data-set/ MAIN AIR JET 99-101-393-Size 200
  3. Thmuper

    Front brakes toast after 500 miles O.o

    When the caliper was serviced did you use silicon brake grease or ordinary mineral grease to lubricate the sliding bars on the caliper. If you use ordinary mineral grease it can swell the rubber seals on the pins an causes them to drag.
  4. Thmuper

    Factory Effex EVO 13

    Has anyone fitted Factory Effects new EVO 13 graphics to their white DR-Z400 Does anyone have a picture.
  5. Thmuper

    Excessive oil through intake

    Maybe too much oil. Check the level with the engine warm about 3 minutes after cutting the engine (screw the dip stick in fully). Are the tubes to the oil separator blocked or kinked. Was the bike left running on it's side after a crash.
  6. Thmuper

    Loss of power while riding

    I sounds like fuel starvation as mentioned previously. Maybe the vacuum tube to the fuel tap could be split or not sealed properly causing an intermittent fault or the fuel tank breather not working properly. I'd check the vacuum pipe condition and clean all the fuel filters, including the one inside the tank. Take it for a run and if it does it again stop, remove the petrol cap and try and hear if air is sucked in as you release it.
  7. Thmuper

    Easy way to refit side panels?

    I'm assuming your having trouble with the air box cover locating. I have found it some times helps to fit the air box cover first and then the battery cover. The only make of plastic I've had trouble fitting was made by UFO.
  8. If you want a true hero what about the guy seven lines down from the Drz. Arthur Wittig, on a Honda XRV 750 Africa twin Best picture goes to Frauen Wallner in the ladies cup third line down
  9. Thmuper

    Help! My hands are COLD!

    The trick is not to have your gloves too tight, you need an air gap to insulate you against the cold. I use three finger gloves in very cold weather. The idea is with two fingers in each glove finger they keep each other warm by sharing each others heat. The link below gives a full review. http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-gloves/hein-gericke-pathan-gloves/
  10. Thmuper

    everybody be safe..poor guy

    I think showing this video will have saved lives today. Just try and remember the same lesson tomorrow and the day after too. Whats the saying " A gift that keeps on giving" You and your family may owe this guy more than you will ever Know.
  11. Well It's a genuine Akro sticker anyway (Needed to cover some scratches) It's an FMF Q2 in disguise. The mirrors are distributed by a UK company called Bike-It model number MRUAERO. (See link below) They are not fantastic quality but there cheep to replace if you have a mishap. Just a word of warning there are some Chinese copies about and they are total rubbish http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pair-of-Motorcycle-Aero-Mirror-10mm-Mirrors-MRUAERO10-/291048089124?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item43c3d16624
  12. A few years back (2006) I hit the side of a car that pulled out on me at about the same speed. The frame was creased in the same area as yours cracked. Forks/wheels etc. checked out ok. but when the bike was stripped the bottom yoke was bent too. Insurance paid for the repair. It cost £2800 to get it back on the road Uk suzuki main dealer prices. The bike was just one year old at the time so was just worth saving. Ps. Still have the same bike 20,000 mile on it now
  13. Thmuper

    How much does your shop charge for a tire change?

    Are you serious, $400 to balance a tire. Total over kill, a static balance frame is more than adequate.
  14. Thmuper

    STarter wire heating up and melting

    It could be a loose or corroded connection either end or as said before the wire could be frayed/broken causing resistance.
  15. All I can say is pay by credit card or paypal then you have a chance of getting your money back. I know from personal experience of recent dealing with SSW. I got my money back but ever again. Best of luck Craigo.