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  1. thegamble1

    where's some good trails in NJ

    no where move to another state
  2. thegamble1

    millville motorsports park???

    has anyone heard anything about them having their motocross,harescamble,etc...open soon any news at all i checked their web site and nothing posted....thanks in advance for any info
  3. thegamble1


    thats cool i guess he is all better and back trying to get another title
  4. thegamble1

    j law and hill ? what did they do?

    I Love J Law I Love J Law -----i Want To Be With Him ...i Got Some Pot And Beer ....and I Will Rent A Car And Go Get Married
  5. thegamble1

    ha ha ha j-law

    yeah your right i was there...my bad i love j-law he is the best in fact i am gonna get dunk and high right now thanks for getting me to see things clear...
  6. thegamble1

    ha ha ha j-law

    well read all the post about him drinking getting high and rolling a rent a car..even a pic on here of it..sorry i guess you look up to him to..
  7. thegamble1

    Supercross ha ha ha j-law

    i got banned from district 6 website cause i posted about what he did.. they only want people posting on there who love him.. he is a bad role model and cause he came from that district they dont want the truth..what a joke..all they do on that site is talk how great he is..yeah great drink beers smoke pot roll cars yup great...what a joke...
  8. thegamble1


    cool thanks
  9. thegamble1

    where is trey??

    and he is not as fast as the other guys...was lucky to win the east
  10. thegamble1

    OffRoad lafferty

    anybody know if he is heeled up and back riding for another championship??
  11. thegamble1


    yeah changes were all good some spots soft but like mike said can new...everyone i was with and talked tp had a great time
  12. thegamble1

    08 250f shifting problem

    thanks for the info!!
  13. thegamble1

    08 250f shifting problem

    thank you i will try that
  14. thegamble1

    08 250f shifting problem

    i have a kx250f 2008 rode it today for the 4th time and its seem difficult to shift from 2 to 3rd sometines even 4th but mostly 2nd to 3rd it does not want to go into the gear i can upshift with all i have and still stays in 2nd is there a fix for this???
  15. thegamble1

    08 kxf--to tall

    thanks...i am only 5'5 and i am not gonna grow any taller so getting the linkage is the best way to lower the bike?