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  1. DuelRule

    Cal City Directions Please

    If you have a GPS there are several different tracks you can take that are much more fun. It's about 20 miles from Borrax Bills (the track) to Ransburg. There is also fuel in Johanasburg.
  2. DuelRule

    Stickers and unwanted attention by the law

    OK - To get back to the original question... Yes, I must admit that I have thought about adding certain decals, stickers ect. to my bike but at the same time I wonder if it would be worth the extra attention that it would bring my way.
  3. If I can find someone to fill in for me at work then I'll be there! (working on it) Sounds like a blast. What kind of gearing you guys running. Should I run the 13\49 or 14/49.
  4. You should add the green sticker so you would not have to ride in certain areas with your mirrors and ect on. Some will say you only need a plate. (most of the time this is true) but where I rode recently it was posted "no on-road vehicles allowed" so, I needed a green sticker. Go Figure!! I would first go to the DMV and ask them "what if" without mentioning specific vehicles just to be safe. I'm not sure if you would need an "EN" (enduro) designation on your title. Probably not.
  5. DuelRule

    Looking for other California riders

    If anyone ever wants to meet out in the desert for a ride (Cal city ect.) Shoot me a PM. Just got the new rubber on today!!
  6. Ahhhh -- Just go plate that X and ride!!
  7. DuelRule

    D606 120/90 seems FAT..anyone with 110/100?

    Exactly and well said. 120/90/18 At 120mm wide, 90% of the width is how tall it is. Ummm what?
  8. DuelRule

    rear fender pack $10

    I don't think they are. I have one on my bike but was unable to find one in Ca. so I bought one from a guy on here from back east. I'll see if I can find out who it was. Yep - This guy hooked me up via Paypal!! 4chevys4me
  9. I don't wreck quite as much as I used to but I still enjoy that rush now and then and well... it costs me.
  10. DuelRule

    Sierra Safari

    So who is going on this awsome ride? Really want to do it but the $. Yikes.
  11. I had to take the long way around. I bought her a nice ATV so that I could get her out there to have fun. Soon she was comfortable and realized that she didn't have the same access to explore certain places as me and my daughter. Now for the kicker! She is begging to sell the ATV and get her a bike. (well - honey um~OK) Guess I'll be looking for a small dualsport.
  12. I gotta say, It's a let down but, it's also more than I expected. At least there is one small dualsport in the bunch.
  13. DuelRule

    New Honda CRF230L Dual Sport

    That is the statement that I first noticed. Although it's not my bike of choice, it would be nice to have a bike like that for the wife or daughter. I'll prob keep my eye's open to pick up a used CRF 230L dualsport down the road.
  14. DuelRule

    CRF230L Dual Sport Coming for 08????

    Nice~ I'm glad to see that they are at least considering the Dualsport market in the future.