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  1. captbly99

    Sad Boobies.

    Interesting topic HM. I have had 3 kids and nursed all of them... Of course, it was the best for them and me(nutrition and bonding wise for them), also helped ditch the pregnancy weight quicker, etc. IF I had the extra money, I think I would get enhancements, I am done with having kids and work out regularly, but I think some nice firm C's would help my body image . Obviously, I work out, cause I care about my body but no matter how much you/I work out, it's not going to help deflated boobs that had the life sucked out of them from kids. I don't think hubby would care either way, it would be more for me than him. It's whatever makes you feel more confident about yourself, again I am not talkin' double D's, just some nice, full, firm C's! I don't like attention, so I wouldn't want to draw attention for my boobs, I would want them more natural, like not ever having kids natural like. I say go for it!
  2. captbly99

    Got my bike - 2005 KTM 200EXC

    FAB-U-LOUS! That is awesome! I can't get over how clean it is either. Congrats! Good luck with it!
  3. captbly99

    Seat shaving how-to.

    How old is your nephew? I am looking to transition my 10 year old son to a bigger bike soon. He is on an XR80, some friends of ours have a '05 KLX125 they are thinking about selling, thought about it, but wasn't sure how it would fit him.
  4. captbly99

    Thumpettes you met (solely through this site)

    Ditto Heidi! Some day!
  5. captbly99

    Thumpettes you met (solely through this site)

    I have met WomanRider(& family) & niceusername(& hubby) through this site. The internet is a wonderful thing(most of the time)
  6. captbly99

    Well, I started P90x today...

    It was good to read this from fellow dirt bike riders, and not just all the testimonials on the P90X site! I just started the program, and am on day 5 tomorrow. Yup, Yoga was hard today, and extremely boring. I also might do either the CardioX or KenpoX in it's place. I don't have a chin up bar yet, just using the bands attached to a hook in my ceiling and doing it the alternate way. I also walk 3 miles every morning and then come in and do the P90X, I hope to see quicker results that way, but I have been walking 3 miles, 4-5X per week for a while now. I think following the diet plan is going to help a lot! Looking forward to the results! BTW- do any of you guys drink chocolate milk as a recovery drink after a workout? I have been doing it with 2% milk, but need to get 1% or skim I think.
  7. captbly99

    Ali's Second ride on her XR 250

    That was great, thanks for sharing!
  8. captbly99

    4th of July, Helmet Cam, single track!

    Go Pro Hero Wide, attached to the chin area of my helmet.
  9. captbly99

    Britt's First Ride!

    That is awesome! Congrats to both of you!
  10. captbly99

    4th of July, Helmet Cam, single track!

    Thanks PP, sorry no Teddy this time But, the music is still nice and motivating !
  11. Gotta love single track in the title of the thread! It was pretty much dry, hot, and dusty.....typical GA summer riding conditions. http://blip.tv/file/2322704 I am getting into this stuff, editing/producing, whatever it's called! Almost funner than riding...........NOT! This was a compilation of a few loops(9 miles each) BTW, I know it's long at 9 min, but watch at least the 1st half, I take a dirt sample! ~
  12. captbly99

    Helmet cam from last weekend

    yeah, the owner is great about giving women a break to help get them into the sport, and I guess he figures the majority of them won't ride as much as a man for the day, youth get a discount as well, $15 to ride. Every other month, he also has a free women's class to teach them some tips for riding, free with the price of admission. Same for a few other classes, he has How to "hill climb", How to "jump", How to "get down the trail faster without all the drama" type classes, open to everyone, free with the price of admission as well. They aren't all day, just about 2 hours worth of instruction. Pretty cool though! Highland Park, the place in the video is a 1000 acre park: http://www.highlandparkresort.com/ He also has one MX Grand Prix style track and building another one right now, so that will be 2 MX track's as well in the park. Another AWESOME quality about Highland Park, it is also a KTM dealer and they are open 7 days a week. So, if you get a flat, break something, etc. You can get a part, or get it fixed right there and not lose a days worth of riding. As far as a 250 for me, I don't know, I have ridden one and liked it, and if all I rode was that fast, open stuff, I would probably like one. But, I truly enjoy more technical single track, and the 200 doesn't wear me out on that kinda stuff, so for me, it's just a good all around bike. I might start some enduro's again in the next 2 months, and I like the 200 for those.
  13. captbly99

    Helmet cam from last weekend

    Thanks guys! yes, one way, but you pay good money for oneway, well marked trails that are rated by difficulty, and free maps of the trails when you sign in! It's privately owned, not state owned. Women pay $20 per day to ride, men $25. So, it's pricey for sure, but worth it to me, I ride there about twice a month. They also offer yearly memberships. We just don't have very many state ORV areas around here, and I don't feel comfortable bringing my son to the ORV, two way trails.
  14. captbly99

    Helmet cam from last weekend

    Finally got some of me! Part 1: http://blip.tv/file/2245032/ Part 2: http://blip.tv/file/2247396 I should probably mention these are all one way trails, no worries of on coming riders! No single track, sorry. The faster, wide open stuff with the water break jumps is the main loop around the park, from there you jump onto the other trails.