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  1. thrace

    Bike won't roll

    Just sprayed some carb and choke cleaner in from the nut on the bottom and started right up. Rode around for a bit and bike will roll now and idle fine. Thanks so much everyone.
  2. thrace

    Bike won't roll

    how would i go about cleaning that?
  3. thrace

    Bike won't roll

    Yes I remember this problem last year and when it did get up to operating temp it did loosen up. So once it gets warmed up at least once this year it should be fine? The bike is stored in a heated shop during the winter. I have no idea how to go about cleaning the carb. Is there a write up on this subject? Pics?
  4. thrace

    Bike won't roll

    Just took my 2005 out of winter storage and for some reason when i put the bike in gear, pull the clutch in and try to roll the bike it just won't. Rear tire just locks up. Also the dang bike won't start because of this in gear or neutral for that matter.
  5. thrace

    out for5 weeks.

    yeah i just broke my finger riding. all it does is get in the way. good luck
  6. i have a 2005 crf250r. i want to make it street legal. whats it take? i live in wi.
  7. thrace

    When to check?

    i know which valves are which. my intakes were fine but the exhaust were the ones that seemed a little smaller they are suppose to be .005 correct? i couldn't fit the .004 in so it is smaller than that. so your saying that the valves slamming against the seats wears the seats and thus meaning that the clearence will be getting smaller?
  8. thrace

    When to check?

    are the valve clearences going to get smaller or bigger. i checked my valve clearences and the intakes are fine but i couldn't get the .005 feeler gauge in there and same with the .004 on the exhaust side. for some reason i just thought they would get bigger thanks Brian
  9. thrace

    The Pink Hose that is attached to ur motor

    pink hose? are you refering to the breather hose? yeah it needs to be drained when theres oil in it or it will get in your air box and other places
  10. thrace

    I Got News On The 2007 Crf250r!!!!

    you're that desperate for people to look at your thread?
  11. thrace


    sorry for me asking but how do you go about doing a whip?
  12. thrace

    Learning maintenace on my bike

    what i don't understand is that this kid is a newbie as well as i am and the first post on this thread is personal opinion. golf33 just asked a simple question. The maturity level of swede is really bad, also not very professional. if you dont have anything good to say dont say anything at all it's a waste of reading
  13. thrace


    yep intake are.
  14. thrace

    wi riders?

    what track is in platteville?
  15. thrace

    Video I made of my Neighbor

    that kid for only 3 months of riding is going to be real good. I advanced from my xr100 also. but good beginner bike.