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  1. motoninja141

    Updated pic's of my bike + new lid + house.

    you ru BR1...ya! you live in n.y? how did you get that done. BR1 are my boys.
  2. I rouned of my3rd gear on my 06 after one year.
  3. motoninja141

    yz250f Exhaust systems

    rocket exhausts are great. I would say its worth it. I like mine alot.
  4. motoninja141

    06yz250f motor ratle?

    when I bought mine in october of last year. I got one of the first 06 bikes they told me about it if your motor messes up then whatever the cost is its $100 compared to $800 it should take with labor. It was made for race coverage.
  5. motoninja141

    06yz250f motor ratle?

    going 4 pined to make a triple at the local supercross track.
  6. motoninja141

    06yz250f motor ratle?

    Tore it apart today. Blew out my 4th gear. I got a coverage on it for a year so its going to be 100 bucks to fix so I lucked out. thanks for the help.
  7. motoninja141

    06yz250f motor ratle?

    I was out riding today rode for about an 2 1/2 hours. Going down a straight 4th pined and then my bike just started to ratle somthing inside. Somthing loos for sure. I havent tore it down yet but, any takers on what it is? still ran didint lock up sounds like a cam loose coming from that region of the motor. What should I be looking for? Thanks
  8. motoninja141

    Anyone polished 06 frame?

    That looks cool. I had a laugh when I read this. I just got home from ridding today and when I was done washing down my 06 250f. I shine my entire bike to keep it looking sharp. As I cleaned off my boot marks on my frame I notice a shine underneath it. My frame is starting to shine from my boots rubbing down. So underneath is some shinny stuff. F.Y.I I dont think its from my bike shinner.
  9. motoninja141

    Feedback on the Honda crf 150??

    I got one for fun. I love it. I ride a 250f and wanted a play bike. I have the 05. Its for shure a trail bike buthas great freindly power. Not the best supsesion but it works as long as its not mx. It can do any black dimond at my local state park. I ride it alot on a ventage style track with no jumps and it is a lot of fun. I can beat or keep up with alot of the 80cc. depends how good they are. Overall its a fun bike for messing around.
  10. motoninja141


    thanks. for the help. Ya I wish they could race the gp track alot more. Or keep it open for practice a couple days a week. I hope SJMX layout has been changed around. I have seen club moto pics with the new layout and looks really cool.
  11. motoninja141


    i can not find there wev site. any help thanks..
  12. motoninja141

    Stolen Bike...Aptos, CA...FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah I live above delux foods. Yeah glad they got that guy
  13. motoninja141

    dual exhaust???

    MY freind goes to MMI and dnyo testes it on the 06crf it does nothing to power just the noise.
  14. motoninja141

    Stolen Bike...Aptos, CA...FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!

    Hey what part of aptos I didnt hear about this I live in aptos.
  15. motoninja141

    Anyone have any problems with the 06s??

    Great...frame is hard to clean..but it can be done