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  1. HELP! I bought a 2001 XR100R (CRF100F) for my son and after reading a bunch it looked like a 112 main jet was the way to go after removing the baffle and replacing it with a power tip/spark arrestor. Various Honda web sites only list a 98 as the max main jet but that is what it has stock. What is the part number for the jet I need and what needle position should I run? We ride between 200' adn 2500' max. I also am changing to a Moose high-flow air filter but how can I open up the air box more?
  2. kenjans

    132 main to high?

    These are the right part numbers, the needle specifically states to use a 132 main jet on the package so this dealer does not know what he is talking about. Of course you need to be rejetting for a reason - such as uncorking the air box and exhaust. If you have not made these changes then yes the 132 is too high. When you increase intake and exhaust flow, you need to increase the fuel so that you don't fry your motor. I bought these parts last night - the pilot jet may or may not be needed, I did not buy one because I wanted to try it without first. good luck!