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  1. santoy

    Bearing Behind Clutch Pushrod ?

    Thanks ! Nothing Worse Than Getting It Back Together And Trying To Figure Out Where That Leftover Washer Or Ball Bearing Went!
  2. Working On My Son's Bike, And After I Removed The Clutch Plates, I Moved The Bike Around To Get Better Light. A Single Ballbearing Fell Out From Somewhere In There, I Think Maybe From The Hole Where The Push Rod Came Out Of. Not Sure Though, Because I Don't Have The Manual For This. My Bike (07 Yz 250) Doesn't Have This Same Set Up. Sons Bike Is A 2000 Yz 80. Any One Know Whether There Is A Single Ball Bearing Some Where In This Clutch Pushrod Assembly, Or Any Where Else In There? Thanks
  3. santoy

    Need Help. Strange problem on 07 250f

    I beleive I found my problem which sounds exactly the same as yours. I rode it around and tried to get it to act up again, but it hasn't yet. Sounds simple but here it is. OIL LEVEL. I had been measuring my oil by hand and pouring it in at every oil change for the entire year I've owned this bike. I then started using the oil level indicator screw in the side case cover (no window on Yamahas). Turns out Yamaha screwed this up, and if you use the oil level indicator screw method, you end up with way too little oil. It started it's problem the second time I used this method. I found your post while searching "back wheel spins while in neutral" a few posts beneath yours I found a similar post and the oil level was the fix and it was also a different brand bike. Check it out, hope yours is a simple fix too. Mike
  4. santoy

    Need Help. Strange problem on 07 250f

    This sounds like a problem I'm having with my 07 YZ 250. It just started doing it one day after riding . The back wheel gets going with some good force ( not the slow turn i usually get) but i can stop it with my hand no prob. There is a whining sound coming from the countershaft area, and if I sit it on the ground, I can still hear it but the bike is not creeping forward. runs and shifts great. Problem still exists whether i engage the clutch or not. Clutch plates, cable and adjustments are good. Haven't ridden it since. Researching the cause and fix.
  5. santoy

    Bent Shift Fork?

    Simple Question. What Are Some Symptoms Of A Bent Shift Fork. 07 Yz 250.
  6. santoy

    Another 490 story...graphic

    Did forget your pill this morning? What part of Utah was this? I'm headed to Solitude in the Big Cottonwood area tomorrow for some snowboard action. Hope I don't see any 490's or railroad track!
  7. santoy

    03 yz250 tranny oil...

    You've got to be kidding! I've been using oil level bolt this since my bike was new in Apr 07. What's the deal? I've recently been tracking a grinding noise coming from countershaft side of the lower end. This might be the cumulative effect of consistently low oil level. how did you guys hear of this?
  8. santoy

    07 YZ 250 gearbox/clutch problem?

    Just got home from work and went out and warmed it up to temp. When it warmed up, it started its noise, kind of a howl or higher pitch grinding sound. I can see the countershaft sprocket trying to engage a bit while it was in neutral and both wheels on the ground. I pulled in the clutch and even adjusted the cable a bit. no joy. went for a light spin through the gears and I can still hear it a bit when I let off. when I came in to the drive way, stopped and put it in neutral, it started acting up again. Drained the oil and it was clean with no metal shavings anywhere. RCANNON, I agree that theres noise associated with these moving parts, but ths is a new one on me, Still hoping it's not a tranny deal.
  9. santoy

    07 YZ 250 gearbox/clutch problem?

    no shifting difficulty noticed yesterday, but it was a rough sandy whooped out sand loop which I really stayed in 2-3rd gear most of the time. Not jumping out of gear either.
  10. santoy

    07 YZ 250 gearbox/clutch problem?

    It's never done it like this. The back wheel will spin SLOWLY when off the ground and in neutral under normal circumstances, but this is like it's in gear, and the noticeable sound new as of yesterday. I'm hoping it's nothing in the gearbox.
  11. santoy

    07 YZ 250 gearbox/clutch problem?

    Bike ran fine all day. Clutch does'nt feel like it's slipping at all. Any thoughts?
  12. After washing my bike today, I fired it up while on the stand and idled for a bit, then reved it up a little before drying it off and putting it away. After it got warmed up, the countershaft area made growling sound and the rear wheel began spinning. I can stop the wheel with my hand. All my bikes have always had a little, very slow wheel spin when the back wheel is off the ground, but not like this. Bike was in neutral, Gear oil is always fresh. Clutch cable and clutch plates are original from when bike was bought new april 07. non clutch abuser. Could this be the cause?
  13. santoy

    water in gear oil

    It all appears to be in the clutch case. I've moved the rod up and down and dont see any "milk", But how to tell for sure without splitting cases?
  14. santoy

    YZ250 Noob

    Also, Don't think you have to run out and buy a pipe. Yamaha got this one right! the silencer could use some work though. Suspension works really good, I'm 180 lb vet A and have been able to tune the stock stuff for me. You may want to gear up 1 tooth (51) out back for a little more grunt out of sandy berms. keep this in mind, a stock YZ 250 will absolutely RIP!! How many 4t's claim that?
  15. santoy

    YZ250 Noob

    I came off an 01 426 and went back to a 2 stroke last year. An 07 YZ 250. Give yourself some time on the 2t. It has way more snap, To the point you might get a little arm pump when compared to your 450 riding style. It's also way lighter feeling, pulls bitchin wheelies, whips easy over tabletops, starts easy, skips across the whoops, and smells awsome. I'm using Maxima 927 32:1 with premium pump gas. Yes pump gas, I tried 50-50 mix of race/pump gas and richened up the jetting but noticed nothing. Still running the richer jetting though. The 07 Bike rips. I run Shell rotella t 15w 40 for the gear box and change it out every 2-3 rides. it works great. You need to jet for your area, and you're right, Regrease everything, and re-oil the air filter! set the sag and go for it dude!