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  1. ep87

    Desert 100 GoPro Video

    First video is awesome. Makes want to Drink Beer and chain smoke........................
  2. ep87

    Jones Creek Black Bear

    You sure that wasn't the JONES CREEK BIGFOOT!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks for the comments - still a little confused but I guess I know this for sure. The 09 WR would be a improvement from the 05 in weight reduction and would take very little to get used too. I'm going riding with two friend that have a 250 and 300 ktm and I'm sure wouldn't mind letting my try there bikes out for a while. I had hoped to have the new bike for the trip, but Its worth the wait for the bike I'll be saddled with for the next few years.
  4. Currently riding a 2005 WR450f which I've been very happy with. But looks like the wife has green lighted a new bike. My original plan was for a new 09 WR450f since I've been plenty happy with my 05, and the dealers have plenty of new 09's cheap, I've ridden one and it was noticeably lighter and narrower then my 05 but not a lot. Recently I've given some consideration to going back to a 2-stroke, namely a KTM 250 or 300 xc with electric start. I've ridden a 250 and was pretty impressed. I know there vastly different and the KTM's are probably way lighter then the WR. I know going with a XC will really take some getting used to. My riding ranges from fairly open high desert trails to tight technical woods. I compete only once or twice a year at a very amateur level. I'm a very average rider and am not too interested in going fast. Anyone have comments Thanks Richard
  5. ep87

    Dez 100

    Headed over early early friday, can't wait!!!! Last year was my first. Been waiting all year. Riding a WR450f Poker run is plenty of fun too. Stumpjumpers Put on a great event:ride: Richard
  6. ep87

    Desert 100 *Reminders, tips and advice*

    I've got a 05 WR450f and couldn't afford to have the suspension completely done, so I just picked up some spring from race tech to match my weight about 225lbs Made a huge difference. Normally those come sprung for a 175lb rider or so. So unless you fall into that range i'd think about some springs at the least. Richard
  7. ep87

    Young family rides in Central Oregon.....

    That little dude is getting some awsome air. Pretty cool, wish I'd started my boy younger.
  8. ep87

    Pipe Dent Removal

    I'm Not sure about using it on a 2stroke pipe. But I tried it on my street bike 4 into 1 recently and I couldn't beleave the results, took three cycles of freeze and thaw. worked great.
  9. ep87

    Place to watch the super bowl in bend?

    Four corners is our destination.
  10. Hi heading out to ride Millican this weekend and would like to head into Bend Sunday afternoon to watch the Game. Anybody know of any Bars, Sports bars, or what ever, that have plenty of TV's and good food? Thanks Richard
  11. ep87

    EFR Fall classic Nov14-15 questions

    I would but this is only my second race. I ran the desert 100 earlier in the year in the 50+ class (1 lap 50 miles) so I don't think I'm ready for anything more challenging then sportman class.
  12. According to the Lobo's flyer for the Fall classic at EFR Nov. 14-15 It states the individual race on sunday the 15th will be two 20 mile laps or one 20 mile lap for single lapers Sportsman etc. I thought it would be at least twice that. I've never rode it before but I'm signed up for the sportsman class sunday and that just seams short. any body know for sure. Thanks Richard:ride:
  13. Skip It was great to meet you and your bud's and spend some quality partying time with all of you. When I got home I went right to your site and checked it out, It was cool and may contact you for a HID setup for my WR450f. hope to check out Whistlin' jacks soon. Richard:banana:
  14. Found a set of keys riding at Gifford Pinchot Labor day weekend, near the intersection of trails 270 and 272 just off road 23. send me PM if there yours and I'll get them to you.
  15. ep87

    25 hrs of Starvation Ridge update

    Hi I've been interested in this race for a while where can I find more information on the race including rules, requirements, and such. The only race I've ever done is the desert 100 is there novice classes? Richard