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  1. Whats up, List any interesting sites involving pit bikes, Im looking for some good internet videos to watch, pictures, whatever. list what you got. If anyone hasn't seen this yet visit this site and click VIDEO. Crazy . I'd like to see some video of the Las Vegas mini-moto supercross race. if you know a site with coverage let me know. like I said though, List whatever you got. Thanks. Ill look for more sites too.
  2. Has anyone seen the new video "Bubba's Flying 50 Freak Circus"? Is it any good? Worth Buying?
  3. no experience, but ive been looking at these bikes too. post a review or something as soon as you can. Im sure there are a lot of people who would love to hear good things about a bike this cheap....and those $3000+ crf owners who would love to hear bad things.
  4. Any comment about 110cc vs. 125cc?
  5. I am looking to get a pit bike soon, one with a crf 50 type frame. I've ridden a 110cc but not a 125cc. Can anyone who has ridden both tell me how much of a difference in power, speed they could tell? Would the 125cc be worth the extra cash? Also I found some cheap bikes at . Anyone know about these bikes? They look pretty much like all other Chinese bikes but without graphics.