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  1. RKO

    Jackson Cty, WI (Crawford Hills) Ride May 18-20

    Watch out for the Ticks. One loop around last fall got me 14 of the critters. Also I noticed several low stumps close to the trail some covered by grass. Had a blast though. Have fun,rko.
  2. RKO

    Riding after heart stent

    Hi MI means Myocardial Infarction. Or in simple terms Heart Attack. This happens when a portion of your heart muscle does not get oxygen. When A coronary artery is clogged and blood supply is lost to an area the muscle in the area may die. Time is Muscle, Prompt treatment Like a stent can reduce the size of the muscle involvment. It is possible with prompt treatment that there is no muscle death at all. Can't help with Ejection ???? You are not alone, autopsies of americans killed in vietnam showed that some 18+ year olds had significant blockage already. We have a Police Officer in our village that has a stent in place and he is able to perform his job without problems. So cross your fingers and hope the news from your doctor is favorable. And don't hesitate to get a second opinion. Good Luck rko.( paramedic)
  3. Brand New DRZS on the trailer going home. Hit A huge bump and one S hook let loose. Tipped over slowly while I watched in the rear view. Result large dent in Gas tank before I ever rode it. Second biggest was not reading the posts on the "deathwings" before I got into the mud, result one turn signal and bruised pride. rko.
  4. RKO

    Adding a GPS and Need Power

    Hi I ran wires to the battery.Took about 15 minutes. I found that my E trex Garmin had a bad habit of turning itself off. The only reason I can think of is that the batteries move around in the unit eventually losing contact. Hard wired there is no more problem. Good Luck rko.
  5. American Family 127.00 per year for my DRZs includes theft, but it's paid for. Good Luck rko
  6. RKO

    Truck Dillema

    Buy 2. a ford festiva 3 cylinder with a manual transmission,Then with the money you save on gas(10-18$ per day) you can afford any truck you want. rko
  7. RKO


    Best guess is an out of balance tire. If the bounce goes away above or below the speed you indicated above you can bet you have a tire out of balance. Also you need to change that spring. One spring will throw the geometry off on every other corner of the vehicle. Good luck.rko
  8. Super Sherpa for sure. A great bike. A little heavy but worth it. They are user friendly and have electric start to save you on those "challenging climbs" Seat height should be about right. Will easily cruise along at 70 MPH and still feel pretty safe and comfortable. Looks good too. Highly recommend. My wife loves her Sherpa and has never had a problem with it. They do run lean and are cold blooded until warmed up 3-5 min. Good luck and enjoy. rko
  9. RKO

    What Bike for Me?

    Hi I don't see how you could go wrong with a DRZ 400 with DOT Knobbies. ( the stock trailwings are slippery and you may find yourself eating mud with little warning) I do about the same mix you are talking about and am very happy. rko
  10. RKO

    The DR650 is better than a DRZ400S..

    The dr650 has to be more comfortable.It just has to be,but I can't get past the looks. RKO
  11. RKO

    Speedometer Question

    Someone talked about a Vapor speedo in the my dashboard died thread
  12. RKO

    Dual Sport GPS

    The etrex i have bolted to the handlebars (DRX400) gets jostled and cuts out.wired it direct (cig lighter plug) no more problems. Don't know if this is an issue with the 60csx. good luck.Rko
  13. Kawasaki Super Sherpa KL250G or KL250H(a little cooler looking), Only come Used, Kawasaki stopped production.lightweight, User friendly, durable, pretty comfortable, 6 speed trans, great mileage. Two thumbs way up.
  14. RKO

    KL250 Sherpa advice

    Hi, My wife's bike is a Super Sherpa it has been very reliable and has always started. After a few days of sitting it can get hard to start. I have learned two tricks. One is to place my thumb partially over the exhaust while I am cranking, the other is to use the prime setting on the fuel selector valve to get some gas in there. If my thumb thing dosen't work in a few seconds, I stop turn everything off and then try the prime thing. Keep in mind that the prime setting is for temporary use only. The first winter she had the bike I forgot to turn the fuel off and ended up with a gas spill on the floor. I have left the fuel on many times after that and never had a problem. I can also tell you that the Super Sherpa is more comfortable than my drz400s. I think you will be happy with it. rko
  15. RKO

    Wisconsin Dual Sport Laws

    Hi Wisconsin is a good state to have a dual sport in. Currently you can go anywhere a vehicle with plates can go. This includes thousands of miles of cool back roads, fire trails, forest roads, lots of combination ATV street vehicle roads and lanes, lots of snowmobile trails etc.etc. Also you can use all or most ATV trails many of which ban "off road motorcycles." since you have plates you are in a whole new class. My wife and I trailer our dual sports a DRZ 400 and a Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250. To any campground having interesting roads nearby. We then take off exploring. with a cheap GPS and topo software we always find or drive by something for off road use.and always legal. There are some places where local governments make property owners allow access to DOT approved vehicles as right of ways.They then incorporate the right of way into the road network. Most days we rarely see cars on the roads we travel. State roads and trails are fair game most have numbering systems and sign types that clue you in on what is legal. National areas like Ottawa national forest, 4 hours north of us, provide millions of legal acres with a lifetime of legal roads and trails. I remember that 90% of what we saw were legal,and 10% with clear posted signs that prohibited all motor vehicle. There were dozens of roads ( two lane paths ) that banned ATVs all wide open to us, roads where you had to drive in the middle to avoid the pine branches. Another biggie is abandoned railroad grade, you can buzz into town for lunch and then go for miles on easy hard packed trail Concerning a Motorcycle, Check at your DMV for the motorcycle rider handbook. They have clear examples of street legal machines. Also consider a Basic Rider Course. Hard to schedule but well worth the time. Both will be very specific on the legality of on road driving. I can tell you that my DRZ is not a expressway bike there is not much fun about riding at 65 for a repetitive drive listening to drive train noises. But on back roads my DRZ is pure fun it pulls like a tractor on steroids. My wifes Super Sherpa is calm, and surprisingly comfortable. The Kawasaki Sherpa is very user friendly, quiet,agile, slightly underpowered and fairly fuel efficient, I have taught at least 5 people to ride on this bike. I would recommend both and think you can find a deal on either if you are patient. I have seen nice Super Sherpas go for 1500 My wife paid 3200 new in 02. I have seen some nice older DR 350's for about the same.Don't know about a used DRZ 400. they beg to be driven hard and put away wet.So you can bet they were cranking. I would find a private owner or scan for dealer trade ins. I stay away from most dealers since they do not have the same passion that I have for the machines. I end up knowing more about the machine than most there. Anyway good luck on your search. I know you will have a blast. Keith