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  1. fraggel

    Husaberg Company News?

    Agree, I did not mean that it was a Husaberg-engine, just that some idéas come from Hbg, like the whaterpump. The "Ramon engine" and the new 250 sxf is 2 different engines. Townley started the year with the same engine as Ramon, but he did´t like it, so he´s using last years motor instead. Hbg have a wonderful 380cc engine, but KTM did not want it in production, I think it had something to do with their poor 250cc (the EXC) ? (Selling my KTM now for a Husaberg...again )
  2. fraggel

    Husaberg Company News?

    KTM have just moved Husaberg production to Austria and invest a lot in that, so I don´t think they´re closing it down. Husaberg is KTM´s development-bike, the motor that Ramon is using now look a lot like a Husaberg engine and will be on KTM as -07? But I don´t think it´s gonna be exactly the same, as HSB will continue testing new stuff until it´s ready for the KTM. KTM got the cash and HSB got the idéas. So no worries!
  3. fraggel

    Bad Bad Crash

    http://svt.se/content/1/c6/21/68/34/040530_motocross_hi.ram http://svt.se/svt/jsp/Crosslink.jsp?d=10858&a=216834
  4. fraggel

    Bad Bad Crash

    Throttle stuck. It happened in the Swedish championship 15 months ago, his name is André Nilsson, he was leading the championship in the MX3 class when he got hit by the last guy. André broked almost every bone, the heart was badly damaged, the lungs collapsed and some bleeding in the brain. He was in coma for 12 days (he didn´t die). He raced again last week, took the holeshot and finished 10.
  5. fraggel

    husaberg what they don't want you to know

    The KTM-motor from -00 is a copy of Husaberg (before the -01-motor), except the ignition. Husaberg didn´t have any money and KTM needed a better bike that´s why KTM own Husaberg today. Sem is the only ignition that delivers ower 100w (kokusan is about 70w) and you can push it up to 120w. Good for nightriding But you need to keep it dry. I have hade 4 bergs and done a lot of night-riding and never has the ignition failed Kokusan is on the Bergs since -04, works good, but not the same effect as the SEM