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  1. lmi675

    KLR 650 carb issues

    Earlier KLR's did not have the clip system for the needle (KLX's do) but I am not sure your 04. Most KLR owner's shim the needle with small washers. Be sure you have the correct carb. Running rich is definately not a trait of the KLR; especially at stock jetting. The factory main is #148. With an aftermarket pipe and filter your KLR should run well with a #150 main and between 25 and 75 thousanths inch shim on the needle. Anyway that's my experience. Be sure the carb is properly seated in the intake with no gaps. I have been thinking of buying the FMF Q. Is it as quiet as the stock pipe? What do you think of it overall? Thanks
  2. lmi675

    KLR 650 Mods... Jetting, Air Box, Exhaust

    I want a quiet aftermarket pipe and looked at the SuperTrapp IDS2 Quiet Series. Was yours the IDS2? So far I like the FMF Q Series the best though. Just can't find anyone who's had experience or encounters with either. I would appreciate your opinion. (95 KLR650)
  3. lmi675

    KLR 650 exhaust

    I am interested in a quiet aftermarket exhaust which will require minimal re-jetting. I have narrowed my search to the FMF Titanium Q and the SuperTrapp IDS2 Quiet Series. I would appreciate any feedback or other suggestions. (95 KLR 650A)
  4. lmi675

    '84 KLR 600 overheating

    Did you check the surface of the head and cylinder deck when you overhauled? A blown head gasket or warped head will allow the cooling sytem to become pressurized and cause it to quickly overheat. It sounds like you have eliminated the possibilty of air pockets in the cooling system (another potential for overheating).