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  1. I just hope izzi does well because he grew up in st.clair (5 mins from my house). There was an article in the paper about him yesterday
  2. Buy some of the old berik ones, they are decent and dirt cheap. Also, thor quadrants are good boots. They are not as good as my tech 8s, but they are better than most people give them credit for
  3. Lol yeah i dont know what that guy is smoking, XGX graphics dont even look that cool..
  4. It is a perfect trail bike once you put a few mods on it and its reliable
  5. If we did, my school would get owned besides for a few of us
  6. What the hell do you care that he is asking a question about a bike? How does it make him a loser asking a question? Isnt that what forums are for or did I miss something?
  7. More like Rmz 150 that would be sweet
  8. Nice pics man. Those hondas look sooo cool
  9. ^ Sucks to have to wait but at least you are back home now
  10. lol have fun
  11. I've heard that the RM is the best. But thats just what I heard, im sure all of them are pretty close and have their own strengths.
  12. MXA but sometimes TWMX
  13. Get thor!!
  14. Yeah ive heard they were comfortable. How much are they?
  15. Does anyone know why honda waits so long to reveal the 08 details? Is it at a show or something. Why dont they make it earlier so they can come out at the same time as kawi and yamahas??