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    I like to Ride, play videogames, chat on TT, and practice my freestyle once in a while

    Any litte tricks?

    Maybe try the Cometic high compression top end gasket kit? It will give you a little more power in the low range. Its only 35 bux and the time it takes you to install the new top end or rings.

    CR125R 125.lets see them

    Well its not as nice as that first one, its just what I use to get around. Its a 2003 CR125R. Only has about 2k into it. Here goes
  3. Well I am a pinger dude, and I am moving with the fleet onto Thumpers. Now I am looking to buy a 2004 CRF450R+. But my question is what year of these CRF450R's are green sticker here in California. Because it is no use to get a bike that is red stickered. Cause I could have sworn when i went to my local dealer the 05's were red stickered. Well are the 04's also red stickered? Is there any way to turn them red stickered bikes green stickered? Because they are clean burning 4 strokes, I see no reason to red stickers! Any help appreciated. .......... Junior

    Possable detanation ???

    You may be getting detonation due to more fuel getting into the cylinder. It usually sounds like a clanking noise. It usually happens when the engine is under stress. It sounds as if your chain is slapping against your swingarm. Good luck!

    why wont my bike start

    Make sure your carb did not leak fuel into the crankcase if you left the petcock open over night. My needle seat is bad, so it over fills the carb all the time, unless I ride it. And then my over fill tube was higher up than the carb itself, somehow it got up there. So the excess fuel did not go out the over fill tube, it went straight into my crankcase. And the next day I was kicking it over, and i noticed my plug kept getting wet. So i turned my bike upside down took out the spark plug and cranked it over. And about 6 oz.'s of fuel came out of there. You may wanna try that procedure if the old way is not working. Good luck!

    Post pics of your CR's

    Heres my POS 03' CR125 that I thrash up. http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a20/DIRT-RIDER/Picture7.jpg

    best pipe for cr125 trail riding?

    They dont make FMF Gnarly pipes for CR125's. I would definately get a FMF Fatty pipe. It adds noticeable bottom compared to PC Works. Or you can even try the FMF Works Fatty, but im not such a fan of non plated pipes, they get rusty fast!

    spark gap?

    Ok the best plugs for mostly any newer CR125 is a NGK BR9EG. These plugs come pregapped. But the reccomended gap is 0.5-0.6mm (.019-.024 in.) U can also use a BR9EV, or Denso W27ESR-G or even W27ESR-V. I would reccomend the BR9EG tho, ive used it forever, and it is a good plug.

    trail riding

    I would always carry a extra plug and wrench to take it off! and make sure it is not jetted too rich! If it is rich, more than likely you will foul a plug. And just remeber to rev it every once in a while to clean out the bike of all that gunk buildup after a long period of time in the low end power.

    02 & 04 CR250 plastic the same?

    Where can I find silver plastics for my CR? ive desperately looking for them for like a month now? thanks

    02 & 04 CR250 plastic the same?

    Didnt they also change the shape of the front number plate aswell? Unless they changed it in 05.

    2002 cr125 no start. help please!

    Second thought on that. I cant find my manual at the moment, sorry about that.

    2002 cr125 no start. help please!

    Gotta use a BR9EG in that bike. Tried push starting it? Sometimes pushstarting works when kicking just doesnt! (just incase you didnt know) I would also double check on the fuel. Maybe cracked reeds aswell? So it is hard to start? I wish i could help a little more. I do have the manual for the 02' CR125. If u want me to scan the pages on how to adjust the timing just send me a PM. And i will see what i can do.

    is it true?

    I heard from like Transworld i think, in a article that soon the AMA will allow the 2-strokes run up to the same CC's as the competitor 4 stroke. ex: a two stroke that is bored out to 165 will still be able to race the 250f's. The 4 strokes are not gonna be able to be bored out. What does everyone think of that? If that goes into play the 2-strokes will be the kings once again.

    How to diagnose stator?

    Maybe bad reeds making the bike run like crap??