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  1. id go JE for the piston. and either an 08 cam, or a stage 2 hotcam. the stage 1 isnt worth ur time or money. stage 2 is very comparable however.
  2. very clean. i like the rims brakes, and hubs. very nice bike
  3. awsome
  4. well, ive had my crf 250 for 3 yrs now. i clean the airfilter every trip, and change the oil perty much every other. (oil filter and tranny side less often) and i also like to clean out my carb now and then. well, my bike is gettin a top end done on it now, for the first time. so, id say if u treat it right, u dont have to worry about a 1200 dollar job every month. o and if u do get one, my one piece of advice is just to check your valves now and then to make sure they are good to go.
  5. hahahaha, if u only knew the half of it then. dear god. its safe to say this topic has been RAPED! hahahaha
  6. so what ur saying is the co-ratio of speed and wieght is neglegant to its counter of aerodynamics determining max V influenced only by G force pull centerfuged around the internal combustion engine? lololol. thats about as much BULL SHIT that ive ever written. i must say. u guys really really care about the top speed of the 150 and 230
  7. it is hard on those damn quads! they even give u a LIGHT, and its still perty difficult.
  8. lol, u have a point. we have beeen talking about it until we all have turned blue in the face. there has got to be SCROLLS on this subject in the search bar. lol
  9. now im gettin a JE 13 5, and i plan on using 91. u say the casted version however, and im perty sure im gettin a forged piston. make a diff?
  10. twin air with its metal frame is a great filter. it definetly lets more in (because its supposed to) in order to get a better air flow. but others are good to. its your preference. ive had uni twin air, and WB. my dad has had a K n N. all good.
  11. seond that. ur are gona be xtremely happy :]. i still love my bike and ive had it for 3 yrs now. sure i could go with a 450, and ive thougth about it, but i love my 250 so much, plus ive never run into a hill i cant go up, so im stickin with it. hey lil pointer, if it hasnt been done already, a great (but fairly expensive) upgrade is to revalve ur suspension, get it lubed, and new springs depending on your weight. u can only go as fast as the suspension will take u! lol. congrats
  12. right. i know what u mean. alot of people are like, "o i have a rev limiter! ill smoke u!" haha, and it doesnt even add much. if anything it could possibly give u a better curve. but there again, ive seen dynos that prove AND disprove that theory, so who knows. i dont even worry about it now, cuz i have a 250. lol.
  13. well thats what i have. great bike, make sure u do ur mainteneance, and valves valves valves.
  14. ur right, but thats not what gives u the boost. lets say ur going up a dune, and max power is at (this is just random rpms btw) 5000. so u have a rev limit at 5500. well half way up the dune u start bogging to around 4300. and the farth u go, the more u bog, which means...u bury ur bike, die on the hill, or turn around and go another way. now lets say ur bike rpm limit is at 7000 instead of 5500. half way up the hill, ur rpm drops to about 5000, which is ur max power, so instead of dieing, u actually boost up the hill, as well as keep the engine farther from a low level.
  15. hahahaha paper weight. just to let u know. we have gone nuts over this issue before crf dude. countless times. and, well since ive done it to both the 150 and 230, i believe it makes a difference. BUT only if u have done other mods, and if u do a certain riding style. i ride dunes, and with soft sands, u need higher revs to keep up speed, wheel spin, and engine response. now , since we had already added quite a few mods, the rev boxes actually did make a difference. however, if u ride trails, or flats, all it really does is...rev higher. so, yes it is worth it in certain situations. but, most any other mod will do a great deal more for u as well.