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  1. RevinEvan

    crf 230 suspension problem

    Hey if yer lucky you can try to just loosen the triple clamp bolts..maybe the forks just got twisted inside the triples.Not the case for me however,bent fork leg but oh well it still works..so anyways give that a try.
  2. RevinEvan

    Somethings wrong here?? :S any ideas

    Its just barely rubbing the fork boot nothing to cause concern.Yeah i wonder where i could get em straightened Hmmm
  3. Okay I had a kinda bad crash a couple weeks back..and it involved the bike going over an 8 foot ditch and landing on the front wheel.When i got the bike back out the forks were twisted but i figured the fork legs probably just twisted inside the triples.Sure enough i loosened up the triples got them straighened out enough so its rideable.but i noticed my wheel has a lean to one side and it ate a hole into my fork boots.i dont know what to do...i had the wheel trued up at the local shop but it wasnt that.I know my forks are probably bent but ANY ideas on what i should do??? I dont really wanna spend money to buy a whole new set if forks if i dont have too because the bike drives fine its just a little bit anoyying because somtimes the wheel is tweaked to the left or right.
  4. RevinEvan

    Jumping the 230

    umm I jump my 230 lots..big jumps small jumps whatever i can throw at it.Im 175 pounds plus the bike=Heavy.It rarely bottoms out for me,so you must be doing somthing seriously wrong so please learn how to jump before you post in here.
  5. RevinEvan

    twisted front end???

    My forks got twisted inside my clamps too and i got them almost straight but one problem i have is the tire seem to be slanted to one side?? Lol its rubbing against the boots on the forks and made a little hole.Anyone know what the problem might be?? bent axle or bent fork leg??
  6. All stock jets andI ride at sea level/usually about 25C not sure what that is in feirinheit
  7. Well everything is stock.but i cleaned and reoiled my airfilter again today and i even let it dry thouroly and still the oil is dripping out .And i cant seem to get the plug color back to normal.It is half white and a little bit black and a little tan colored .So i dont know what im goin to do.Everything was fine the plug color was tan untill i cleaned and reoiled my filter.
  8. well i had a very big scare just now ..i recently cleaned and reoiled my airfilter (yesturday) and i had seen that some of the oil had ran out of the airbox and onto the floor.so today i opened up the airbox and looked at the filter and it still looked and felt nice and oily,so i figured it would be fine.But then when i took it out today for a while after about a half an hour of riding the bike mysteriously quit and would start way the hell out in the woods.So i almost pissed myself thinkin about how the hell im gonna get home before dark and if the bikes okay.I eventually got it started and putted along it stalled a few more times but i eventually got it home.And the first thing i could think of was that the airfilter was underoiled and the bike was running too lean.So I pulled the plug out and looked and of course it was white as can be.Then i took the airfilter back out and oiled the hell out of it and stuck it back in.Went for a little ride to make sure everything was working okay and it seemed to be.So i took it back home and pulled the plug out again and sure enough it was starting to turn back to a light tan colour.And I live happily ever after.Man am i lucky i didnt burn the piston up! Im really hoping that i didnt damage my engine at all
  9. well keep in mind that im installing the power up kit too..new needle.also isnt it a matter of clip placement on the needle to determine how rich the mixture is?? I dont know but just about everyone at CRFSONLY is sayin 135 has worked out really well for them. so im very confused
  10. I ride at about sea level,and everyone at CRFSONLY is telling me to rejet to a 135 main so i did i ordered it the other day.But now i come on here and everyone here is talking about 132 main.Im hoping the 135 wont be to rich,what do you guys think?
  11. RevinEvan

    CRF 230 Power-up kit

    well with the full power needle and a new main jet it should be a bout 20 bucks. i dont no where this guy has been payin 30 buck but someone is rippin him off
  12. RevinEvan

    New Honda CRF160R(X)

    I dont know why you say all this if they did release a 160x i would think it would be somthing like comparing the 230 with the 250x? vs 150 and 160x