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  1. Shookster

    Where's the power?

    Nothing, there's not that much of a difference. I had a used one with a drilled out airbox and 14tooth and all that, and bought a stock one later on. I've already explained my theories behind why people over-exaggerate so I won't start that again. I wouldn't mess with your settings too much more, if it starts up easily and doesn't have any flat spots you've probably got it tuned well. Good luck.
  2. Shookster

    I don't buy it

    Woah gildo, you shoulda kept your mouth shut. They don't like people who have common sense. Yeah he goes to school with me, engineering school. You know, the thing you guys dropped out of 25 years ago. And to rebuke your claims, I’m a more hardcore DR rider than all of you put together. Not bragging, its just fact. The stock muffler from my '00 I turned into a table lamp and it sits in my bedroom. I’m probably the only one here who's had a wreckless driving ticket for doing wheelies on a suzuki. I can ride my DR backwards (literally). I drew a burnout smiley face in front of my house. I off-road every time I ride without exception. There are three dual-sport motorcycles in my garage at this very moment. DOT knobbies give me wood. If anyone here thinks I'm some noob thats full of crap put your money where your mouth is. Have a poll or something, if you can find something you think I’m lying about I’ll verify it with scanned in pictures or paperwork. And if I can prove I’m not lying, someone has to give me a $7.99 gift certificate to buy thumpertalk fender decals, and ya'll can't say the words Jesse, Kientz, or Kientech for 2 weeks. If I can’t verify it I'll order a CS sprocket direct from Jesse and will put his URL on my sig. And if ya’ll vote something stupid like “prove your not a homo” I’ll know for sure you really are some loser shop owner with 12 account names.
  3. Shookster

    I don't buy it

    The following is only for readers with any common sense: If I owned a small business that sold motorcycle modifications to a niche market how do I get in touch with potential customers? Advertise directly to that market, a BBS where potential customers hang out would be a great place. But how do I convince people they need my products? Well, I could take very little time out of my day and make a couple of users that develop trust within the community. Then use those accounts to tell people how those upgrades made their bike so much better. All of a sudden I’ve convinced people they need a product they wouldn’t have bought otherwise, and that they should buy it from me. And due to the strong sense of community found on BBS’s, actual users will be encouraged to also promote that business to others(I call it circle jerking). So does this scenario seem possible or am I still a complete idiot? My previous DR was rejetted, had a supertrapp race exhaust, and a 14 tooth CS. My current DR is bone stock, and frankly I don’t remember my old one being that much faster. And I seriously doubt all the suspension work in the world will change the fact a DR650 is 100lbs overweight. So when in every other thread people say how his upgrades cure cancer, it looks pretty fake to me. Last I checked he sells the same parts as every other bike store. I apologize for using my brain. You guys do what you want, it’s your money.
  4. Shookster

    I don't buy it

    To reiterate: I am not badmouthing kientech. It may be great. His customer service may be so good it'll cause rainbows to shoot out my butt. If I had a daughter and she brought Jesse home I'd give him permission to plow her brains out. But you guys talk about him so much that it's extremely suspicious. And the fact everyone is working so hard to defend him only makes me more suspicious of you. Every person that comes to this forum looking for advice gets bombarded with 10 people telling them "Talk to Jesse. He'll make your bike get 60 mpg and power wheelie in 7th gear!" OK you struck a nerve there. I think 10 years of experience being involved on forums does give me the ability to scrutinize ya'lls very peculiar behavior. But if that's not enough: 1. I've owned a 2000 DR200SE 2. I've owned a 2000 DR650SE 3. I currently own a 2005 DR650SE 4. I am certified heavy-wheeled vehicle mechanic in the US Army, and am 1 year from a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering 5. I do all my own maintenance (valve adjustments, tires changes, etc) 6. I DO NOT have any 20 gallon gas tanks, mutilated air boxes, ghastly headlamp mods, or obscene windscreens anywhere on my bike; I have common sense and good taste Is that enough of a resume?
  5. Shookster

    I don't buy it

    A) I acknowledged that it could just be a great place to buy from, and I made no statements to the contrary I also acknowledged this would just drum up more advertisement for him, so I don't see why everyone is getting so defensive C) If anyone thinks that a person wouldn't take 10 minutes a day to generate hundreds of dollars in sales you've got to be 1000 times dumber than you're accusing me of being and hey maybe I could be doing this for publicity. That's exactly my point. But I've been on the internet for 10 years now and I've never seen a forum where a single business is mentioned so heavily, no matter how great it may be. Either yall have some sort of weird moto-crush on the guy or I might actually be right, which I'm sure you guys would never admit to. And no I'm not trolling, but even if I was it would be better than spamming kientech all over the place like ya'll are
  6. Shookster

    I don't buy it

    Maybe I'm the only one here who notices this but it seems like there is an awful lot of mention on here of kientech.com. It smells like a guerilla marketing tactic to me. All it takes is one person to make a couple of phony accounts to get a lot of free advertisement where they want it the most. There are plenty of companies you can pay to advertise this way for you. I ran a search for "dynojet" in the DR forum, with 177 results. FMF returned "134". "Forks" had 142 results. The word "Jesse" maxed out at 200+. A lot of actual DR owners come to this website looking for useful advice about motorcycles that they spent hard earned money on. The possiblity they may be getting fed undercover advertisement doesn't settle well with me. I hate to be so pointed, and maybe he gets so many referrals because it is a great business. But I would at least like thumpertalk to check some IP's and disprove my theory. And with as much word of mouth as kientech gets from this site it seems like he would at least be one of thumpertalk's sponsors. I apologize if I'm wrong but hey it's just more free advertising anyway. http://www.penny-arcade.com/images/2006/20060125h.jpg From wikipedia: "When targeting consumers known to be consistent Internet users, undercover marketers have taken a significant interest in leveraging Internet chat rooms and forums. In these settings, people tend to perceive everyone as peers, the semi-anonymity reduces the risk of being found out, and one marketer can personally influence a large number of people. During the dot com boom at the turn of the century, stock promoters frequently used chat rooms to create a buzz and drive up the price of a stock."
  7. Shookster

    2006 DR650 Air Box Help

    just use an impact driver on those tuff screws, $10 bucks at autozone. Just a light tap from a hammer and they always work for me.
  8. Shookster

    Tips & Tricks to chaning tire

    yeah, make sure you are pushing the opposite side down so the diameter is smaller. And use lotsa soapy water. Tire changes suck for sure but it seems like the more I do it the easier it gets. Good luck.
  9. Shookster

    top speed!

    hit an indicated 115 with a '00, couple of carb mods and a speedo that seemed about 10% optimistic hit 100 on an '05, bone stock, don't know about the speed accuracy
  10. Shookster

    DR650 oil cooled?

    The bike doesn't overheat, I didn't mean to give that impression. I on the other hand, do. I rode an SV650 for two summers, so I have a pretty good basis for comparison. That DR puts off serious heat on the right side and thru the seat. It's like sitting on an oven.
  11. Shookster

    DR650 oil cooled?

    Obviously you've never rode your bike in Alabama in the summer time
  12. Shookster

    14t Sprocket Change - Start in 2nd?

    Nope, it isn't that low. Personally, I think the people tend to exaggerate the difference. Even with a 14tooth CS it's still geared way taller than a regular dirt bike. It's definately noticeable, but it's still pretty high for really tight trails. To give you an idea of the change, the lowest the engine can cruise in 5th, stock, is low about low 40's right? With the 14tooth it drops to about 35. For the price of sprocket and ease of change I say go ahead and get one. Oh yeah I also was able to run the same top speed as with the stock sprocket.
  13. Shookster

    Tail Light Assembly

    yeah that stocker is a joke, on my 2000 it eventually broke completely off and it's about 3/4 there on my '05
  14. Shookster

    yo krazy....

    So are you willing to sell off some of your aftermarket parts? Skid plate etc.?
  15. Shookster

    Get Drilled (Stock exhaust Mods)

    my last 650 I drilled holes in the end. Didn't seem to make much of a difference performance or sound wise