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  1. from the site I gather the bike is a 76-78.
  2. thanks ill check it out, but this is one of them scenerios where im just so mad at the thing i wanna get it out of my sight, between all the little annoying problems, I havnt had a enjoyeable season.
  3. Hello, I am not sure if this is the right spot for this thread but here goes. I am not sure on the year, but i have a honda xl350, I think its mid 70's. The top end gave away on me in the spring, both intake and both exhaust valves bent and took out the cam and chain tensioner and what not, and seeing as how I cant find parts for the damn thing anywhere, I decided to see if I can help another poor xl350 soul out. Everything else is good, points are decent, compression is good, heads good, etc etc, the rest of the bike has decent parts on it to. SO if anyone is looking for a specific part, or a wack of parts, email me or PM me with what you want, and your best offer and maybe we can make a deal. Lone_wolf_84 at yahoo dot com
  4. thanks for the help, but unfortunetly I uncovered a minor problem, I have 2 bent intake valves.. and as I am sure you all know parts for this damned bike are discountinued.. SO i dont suppose anyone has 2 straight intake valves kicking around for this beast do they?
  5. well a friend of mine showed me how to line up the flywheel magneto thing,i did not need to tack the whole side off. just the inspection plate. so i got that lined up to the T. but i have no dots on the cam gear. but when its top dead center then both valves should be closed.. (excuse my upcoming expression) if your looking down the cam dead even, the lumps on the cam look like old saggy tits. both down and away. is this going to be acurate? also i should add that 1 of the two bolts (that hold the cam on) is dead straight up and down. When i go to set the points, do i get the bike to top dead center again? or is that what the F means? thanks for all your help
  6. Ok i got one last question about this bike, the chain jumped around on me when i was replacing the cam, so I am doing timing now. i have the side cover off, and im starring at the flywheel or magneto or wahtever it is (drivers side (left side)), and i see the timing marks, ( i see the t and the f and a whole bunch of lines.) but where is the corresponding mark? is there a mark, or is it suppose to point at another part, or is it suppose to point straight up or down? Thanks
  7. yea theres this guy in the town over that has a salavage yard that is absolutly massive, if you know what a pick-n-pull is well then double the yard and pack it full of bikes. the only bad part is you gotta find what your looking for most of the time, and his organizational skills are not very desireable if you catch my drift. if your looking for something inperticuler email me with make model, year, and description of the part and what it does and ill phone. Lone_wolf_84@yahoo.com
  8. there is no battery in it.... thanks for the specs, but they dont do me any good now, a buddy of mine was going to check the advance thing on the points for me, and we went to loosen the bolt that holds the points lobe and asembly off, and for some f**-ed up reason it sheared the shaft right off the cam.... yes we were loosening... so im out of commision till i can get to the town over to get a new-used cam $60 aint to bad is it?
  9. n smoke, no oil on plug, just black carbon or whatever it is, there was a little bit of rust in the tank when i first got the bike but i cleaned out the tank and the carb before the first ride, and yes I do have spark from the plug. thanks for all the help
  10. Hi i got a honda xl 350 4 stroke, not quiet sure on the year im guessing from 72-74 because it has the 2 tone black and orange painted tank, Anyway i picked the bike up for $50 got it out for 2 good rides, and on the tail half of the second ride it started to spit and caugh and etc. Today I went for a ride got 5 min into and it died. With the grace of god i got it to bomb down a hill because there was no way in hell it was going to fire from getting kicked over. Got it back down to the truck, plug was a bit fouled, but that was pretty much it, checked the points and timing and everything, but nearly nothing, got it to ""run"" for a few seconds with the thoratal wide open. other then that no go. SO i am stumped, I would like to know the points lash, valve lash, and proper timing procedures if anyone knows. thanks