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  1. Deriki250X

    how to get to the float bowl??

    I really feel sorry for that poor bike......
  2. Deriki250X

    Bike not started for a while... Checklist to dos?

    I would pull the drain plug on the carb and empty the tank , replace tranny and engine oils and filter, pull airfilter and re-lube if necessary, refill tank with good quality fuel, ck tire pressures, bleed air from fork tubes, then go have a blast. Derik
  3. Deriki250X

    Gas poring from the carb hose

    I've heard that if the line off the cap gets plugged that it can cause the tank to pressurize and force too much fuel into the bowl. Derik
  4. Deriki250X

    which valve spring compressor?

    The Sears tool requires you to make a spacer out of 1/2" pvc in order to get into the recessed head. Derik
  5. Deriki250X

    What are the Best Hand Guards for my 04 250X?

    I'm using the Fastway Fit System and have been extremely impressed with the durability of them. They are a little pricey but you really get what you pay for. You should ck them out. Derik
  6. Deriki250X


    The bike requires very little but consistent maintenance. Change the oil and filter often ( I do mine after 3 rides or 150 miles) and change the tranny oil every other oil change. Clean the air filter after each ride and check your valve clearances every 500 miles or so. Lubricate all cables monthly. Re lube steering head and swingarm pivot/suspension bearings every 6 mos- year. The bike is really easy and straight forward to work on. It actually is a pleasure to take care of it. Derik
  7. Deriki250X

    Valves Or What?

    Check your valve clearances before you start to worry about the valves being a potential issue. It very well could be lousy gas. I would ck the valves and drain the tank and carb then fill with fresh gas. Good luck!! Derik
  8. Is it the cable youre talking about? If it is, it only goes in a short ways. Maybe 1/2 " or so.
  9. Deriki250X

    How often should you rebuild your topend?

    The intake valves are still on back order from Service Honda, maybe another week or so... Also, when I took apart my topend this weekend I noticed a little oil on top of one of the exhaust valves and the stem was oily. The others were very dry and clean looking. I think the valve seals may be a possible weakness, but they are cheap enough. Derik