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  1. ckpc

    Need Help, Bikes Stolen out of Hollister

    Good news!! Like to 2nd your comment on the Rangers at Hollister. I have had only positive dealings with them and seem to be stand up guys/gals. Glad you got your bikes back!!
  2. Both of my stock Alexon rads developed leaks. Had Mylers fix them and after about 6 months they would leak again from a new spot. I finally decided to epoxy them myself and that worked for about 6 moths as well. I bought Toyos and have not had a problem and I am past the 6 month mark with a really good crash thrown in. Everyone I have talked to told me the Alexons on the 510 and 450 seemed to be prone to developing hairline cracks usually along the inner edge where they bolt up to the frame. I was told it is not an issue with the 250 due to less vibration. Don't know if this is a fact or not. The Toyos do seem beefier..
  3. ckpc

    First oil change, & George at Uptite

    The 7602 oil bolt kit is the way to go, quality product that makes things easier and they look cool too...When you have only positives and nothing negative to say about a product it's one you buy!
  4. ckpc

    Husky Noob-Need Advice

    I have an 07 510 and love the bike. A couple things you mention in your post is the narrow band of the CR and the workout and seat of the KLR. The 510's gearing is pretty narrow so you'll be shifting but the power is always there, smooth and never ending. The stock seat sucks and in technical trail riding you will get a workout. That being said I love the bike. It is easy to ride and the power is very controllable. Like my 07, the 06 is a carb and if it's set up right you'll never have to touch it. The valves are easy, only made one adjustment to mine since new. The only mechanical issue I ever had was overheating on technical single track. All was corrected when I added a fan. As with all used bikes just looking at the owner and how they keep their stuff usually tells me enough about what the general condition of the bike is going to be. Ask about the valves, have they been checked, have they needed adjustment? Were they good with oil changes? Might ask if the rear linkage and swingarm bearings were ever greased. I think you'll like the bike.
  5. I have taken a couple of major hits while wearing my impact jacket(Alpinestars) and I feel I would have suffered alot worse without it. I was hit by a Toyota 4x4 on a short road stint a couple years ago - two cracked ribs, fractured wrist. Recently had a good off and landed on rock at about 30mph - had a concussion, and two compression fractures of vertebra in the middle of my back. I am convinced I would have faired much worse without it. Yes it is a little hot sometimes but worth it in IMO
  6. ckpc

    How do you clean the stator?

    I will be doing this as well in the next week or so. I have never done it on my 07 510 so it'll be interesting to see how much is in there.
  7. OldeDude that made my day!!!! hahahahahaha
  8. Cool Vai, but shouldn't it be the DUEL from "Crossroads"!!! not the greatest movie but a great clip!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0QKbnCDW94&feature=related
  9. ckpc

    new to me 07 TE

    7602 makes great stuff and he's a good guy!!
  10. Fast by Ferracci in PA -don't know anything about their work but I know they do Husky's ACE also in PA- Again don't know about their work but I've read decent comments. Look on Battones Jo.Bet Cycloes webpage for their link. I sent mine to Washington to Les(LT-Racing) and I am more then pleased with his work, also a great guy and easy to work with.. My forks and shock were only away about 2-3 weeks. Not a long wait for how they perform now!
  11. ckpc

    2007 te 450

    I have rad guards (Rooster, full front with rear cross brace) and the 610 bracket fits fine, the guards were not an issue. The fan and bracket cost about $120 US
  12. ckpc

    2007 te 450

    Adding a fan is way easy. The 610 fan and bracket fit without issue. I went the manual switch route as I never really had any heat issues except when on very technical trails.
  13. I avoid busy hunting spots during season only cause I don't want to get shot (either on purpose or accident). I ride with my son a lot and we've seen some pretty crazy stuff during season. Unfortunatley a lot of the areas we love to ride also are popular with the hunters and deer season is also prime riding time. As stated by someone else we try not to ride early in the day or late afternoon.
  14. ckpc

    hollister hills

    East side of 101 at Monterey Rd., it was free to dump with gas fill up and I think I was charged $5 once without fuel purchase.