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  1. Brian Williams

    TT-R 90 mods... A visual guide... PDF file.

    Anyone still have this link for the mods. I tired opening the original one and the one form 2007 and could not get either to open. I know these guys have gone through alot of trial and error getting some of these mods and it is great they can share their ideas with us.
  2. Brian Williams

    05WR250 Fork?

    Does the 05 WR250 have the same twin chamber fork as the 05 YZF 250. I am getting ready to change fork oil and need to know if I am going to need some special tool the YZ needs. Thanks for the help.
  3. Brian Williams

    newbie WR250F '05 gearing for hare and hounds

    I just put the 12T front sprocket on and it worked great. I also am a 2 Stk rider last race bikes being KTM 250 and 200 EXC. My bike is also the 05WR250F. I did all free mods, WB slip on exhaust, power now, and best of all hot cam's. The 12T sprocket really helped the gearing. I can pull 3rd gear alot better now. With stock gearing is used to bog too much in 3rd gear.
  4. Brian Williams

    What weight fork oil 05wr?

    What weight fork oil is stock in the 05 WR250. The manual say's "S1" but I have no idea what that means or where to get the stock oil. What are you guys using. Im thinking the lighter the better.
  5. Brian Williams

    New Gearing 05WR250

    Well I just tried it. I went down to a 12T front sprocket. It worked awsome and had ton's of power. I can now lug the bike through turns in 3rd gear where it use to be under powered. In really tight stuff 2nd gear rips. My Watchdog Computer gave me a top speed 68mph and I was not pushing too hard. I hated the stock gearing because 2nd wound out to fast and I could not pull 3rd out of a corner so I had to shift in every corner. Now in smooth flowing corners I can just leave it in 3rd. If you were thinking of trying it do it now it only cost about $10 for the sprocket and I did not have to cut my chain to make it fit so going back is not a problem.
  6. Brian Williams

    Squeaky Brakes

    Every bike I every owned the brakes squeak when they got hot. I ride hard and ofter ride my brakes and after about 7 hard miles they will start to squeak. It is not a problem until they get really hot and start to fade and then overheat and go away completly.
  7. Brian Williams

    Where should i send me suspension?

    Are you riding trails or MX. I ride A-AA speed enduro and weigh 190lbs. My 05 WR250 Susp is the best I have ever had. It is valved better than any susp I have had revalved. In the past I have spent 1K on suspension trying to get it to work as good as the stock WR. I bottom out but it is never harsh and always under control. Something may be wrong. Have your oil changed and shock recharged then start from stock. The bike should be stiff for you with the stock springs. Do not wast money on a revalve, if you still bottom out than look into getting stiffer springs not valves.
  8. Brian Williams

    Wet Glove Tip

    4stks work even better for warming-drying gloves. Hold your hand behind exhaust on a road section and instant heat. For right hand just get up a lot of speed and coast for a little and it will still put off some heat.
  9. Brian Williams

    F2 Racing Power Back for 07 Wr 250

    AV It is the same company I just ordered the brake cooler from. www.f2racing.net
  10. Brian Williams

    Help - Rear Brake Fade in long tight enduro

    I ordered the F2Racing brake cooler yesterday. Im not sure if I will get it in time to try it this weekend and I am not racing again until 4/29. I will put it on and do some rock riding at home. If it is breakable I will break it. I'll let you guys know if it works. Mark if you are who I think you are then you need to change your name after the ride you had last weekend:worthy: . Big Fat and Slow does not work for you anymore. I can't wait to get out of the sand and up here into the rocks again.
  11. Brian Williams

    Help - Rear Brake Fade in long tight enduro

    Ok I just spent hours searching online and found this. Brake Cooler from www.F2racing.net for $60. They say they developed it for the AM Pro GNCC racing team. Looks like it might actually work. Has anyone tried this. Take a look at the sight it looks cool.
  12. Brian Williams

    Help - Rear Brake Fade in long tight enduro

    Thanks for the reply. I don't mean that I drag it all the time and I did use my front brake when the sand was not too deep. When I come into that tight stuff hard I just ride it out through the corner to keep from launching out into those wonderfull tight Jersey Pines. Rear rotor is still in good shape and pads were still in good shape prior to Sandy Lane but need to be replaced before this weekend. I am going to try some new EBC pads and attempt to keep off the brakes more which should be easy to do this weekend than in that woderfull tight stuff at Sandy Lane.
  13. I am and have always had a problem with rear brake fade when I ride hard and fast in a super tight enduro. I changed my fluid with Motul 5.1 the day before the race, as I always do. After about 40miles of riding and a tough 9mile loop I again overheated and lost my rear brakes. Please don't tell me to stop dragging my brakes because it is a must in super tight sand sections when front brakes will send you kissing sand. Anyone have any ideas on a caliper cooler or anything I can do. I see Devol makes one for $150:eek: Ouch, but I don't see it listed for my bike (05 WR250F) Still using stock Brake Pads and Rotor. Thanks
  14. Brian Williams

    Sandy lane Enduro?

    Very Very tight woods like nothing you have ever seen before. You will beg for a field or 3rd gear strait. It is a very fun enduro and must be to have 500 riders show up the day after ST PATTY'S DAY. See ya there. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the fire cuts. They are a blast- About 3ft wide 1-2ft deep twisting and turning through the Jersey Pine's. It feels like your riding a slot car!!! LOTS of fun.
  15. Brian Williams

    foam tubes?

    At 150lbs you should be fine unless you ride in nasty, nasty rocks like enduro cross and you ride WFO into the face of a jagged rock. The UHD will not pinch as easy as the HD but I can still pinch them riding fast in a rock enduro. I am 190 lbs and ride fast A almost AA speed in the rocks. If i have to use tubes I use the Bridgstone Ultra HD at 15lbs but never less. This causes a problem because when you get out of a rock section and into the mud you will slip slide around too much. I want the best of both worlds with Tire Balls I can charge hard in the rock sections and have great traction with about 12psi in the mud and slick stuff.