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  1. urbanassault

    650 or 400?

    the dr650 has an adjustable height.......what is it set at when you buy.......low or high?
  2. urbanassault

    Hey NJ DR Owners...

    anybody want to ride my vstrom?.......I really need to test ride a dr650 and a drz400! I will be back in wildwood next week.
  3. urbanassault

    650 or 400?

    I am stuck in the drz400 v dr650 dilemma......tell me 6' 2" riders, does the dr650 feel a little bit cramped to you?
  4. urbanassault

    DRZ400SM for Trail Riding?

    Thanks for your advice......think I will keep the TTR for off road and use the SM for the road.
  5. urbanassault

    DRZ400SM for Trail Riding?

    I need your advice please.........I have a 95 TTR250 with Dunlop T607's, a good street machine that can go off road as long as it's dry, you stay in a straight line and don't try to climb anything too steep.......anyway it's time to trade the old bag of bearings for something newer and the DRZ seems to be the next step......the magazines rate them with 5 stars and from my observations here everyone seems to be quite passionate about them. Now common sense say's to get the drz400s and put some 607's on but I can't resist the style of the SM and could do with that something extra on the street, but also don't want to lose too much ability off road.......can you tell me what you think? Thanks