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  1. Hi: Do you still have the e2 exhaust for sale? Is it a full system? how much are you asking
  2. motoaction

    WR250f 2007 modified muffler

    Eddie?? any help would be appreciated regarding my topic
  3. motoaction

    WR250f 2007 modified muffler

    What if I wanted more low end ot the modified WR muffler? If I make the muffler shorter in lenght, would I gain more low end grunt? Thanks again in advance, Eddie.
  4. motoaction

    WR250f 2007 modified muffler

    What if I wanted more low end ot the modified WR muffler? If I make the muffler shorter in lenght, would I gain more low end grunt? Thanks again in advance, Eddie.
  5. I have a wr250f with all mods(grey wire, etc) with the oem muffler, which I think is terrible. A friend of mine has a Dr. D on his and he enjoys plenty of low to midrage. We took apart his DR.D muffler amd what we discovered is simplicity. A perforated steel tube running the lenght of the muffler, packed with muffler fiber and an endcap. I have all welding gear at home and am quite good at it. If I were to modify the WR OEM muffler as per DR.D mufffer length, perforated steel tube same lenght and diameter, and similar endcap, Would I get similar results. What other things should I consider whlile I have taken everything apart? Thanks in advance for your help, Eddie. Motoaction
  6. motoaction

    Need to improve brakes on a ttr125e

    I bought a 2005 ttr125e for my son. The bike has very few hours on it. The front brake (drum) does a terrible job at stopping the little thumper. Are there any other brand of brake shoes out there that would fit and do a better job. Anyone had any success with non oem brake shoes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.... especially by my 10 year old son. Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. motoaction

    ttr125 throttle problem

    I just bought a TTR125e for my son. When I turn the handlebars (direction) to the right, the engine revs up a great deal. When I turn them to the left, rpm`s decrease considerably. I checked the throttle cable all the way to the carb and everything seems fine. Is this normal on all ttr´s? What can I do to correct this? This is quite unsafe for my son and I want to correct this ASAP. Thanks in advance for the info. I have owned some YZ80´s many years ago and remember having a similar problem on a much lesser degree, but it was never this bad.
  8. motoaction

    late 80´s YZ80 front forks on ttr125e

    I just bought a TTR125e (small wheel) to my 10 year old son. He is really happy with the bike. The size of the bike is perfect for him. I do not want to make it any taller. The problem that I am facing is with the front drum brakes. The bike has very few hours on it and the front brake is already fading when appliyng little force. It wont even stop the bike with my son on it. Any tip on how to improve that? I know that the brake shoes are practically new. Looking at a low priced solution, I have a friend who owns a junkyard and has a late 80´s YZ80 complete front end (forks, wheel rim, triple clamps, complete disc brake). I really want to make the swap for the need of the front disc brake. Will the 80´s yz forks fit my ttr125e? Any special work/pars required?. Could the stock ttr125 tripple clamps hold the yz forks properly? I am not interested at this point in installing inverted forks from a yz85 since they cost a lot more. My main interest is about the front disc brake. Is the late 80´s yz fork suspension better than the stock ttr125? Thanks in advance to all those experts in this forum for your most valuable information.
  9. Hi Burned: I got into a big discussion with him, meaning he is no lorger my mechanic. I know that it will be hard to elaborate, but we may need to start from cero. With jetting specs only, I would be happy. More information would be considered a bonus. Please help, since such info is unavailable in Venezuela. Thanks in advance for your advice, Burned Motoaction
  10. Hello guys: This is motoaction from Venezuela. Need urgent help with jetting. My bike WR250f 2.003 has the following accessories: all free mods yzf cams power now Dr. D complete exaust system JD Jetting kit I send the bike to the mecanic to get properly jetted and to install the JD jetting kit. It came out worse than ever, big bog, very little power. please suggest jetting specs (at least as a starting point) based on the accessories listed above. I ride in venezuela In the high 80´s and mid 90´s at an altitude of about 2500 to 4.000 feet. It is warm and humid here all year round. I only do trail riding. Would love to have low end grunt. I would very much appreciate if any of you experienced fellow riders could send me any suggestions as to which jets to install, from ground zero. Please dont ask what jets are on now, since I dont know. Please excuse any errors in my grammar, as English is my second language. "live long, enjoy the moment, and prosper......on the trails!!!
  11. motoaction

    Jetting wr250f 2003

    Thanks a bunch for the info Barton. I will run your specs and will let you know of the outcome. I´m serious about the picture....your dog will panic
  12. Need help from the experts: I live in Venezuela, south america and ride at 2000-3000 feet. Temperatures here range from 89 to 95 year round. I only trail ride. I am looking for more low end grunt. My ride is a wr250f 2003 and has a dr. D exaust and header, jd jetting kit, power now, all the free mods, YZ cams. Indications on any jetting for this set up would be extremely well appreciated. I would send you a Christmas card with my kid, wife, dog, and me.... On a more serious note, down here is very difficult to find this info. Thanks in advance for the help Motoaction
  13. Hi guys: I recently bought a 2003 WR250 F. The previous owner charged the rear rim to 19 inches, meaning that it currently has a 110-100-19 rear tire. I am looking at any ways to lower the seat height of the bike. If i put the oem rim (18 inches) with a 110-100-18, how lower would the back seat be. What if I place an 100-100-18 or even a 100-90-18 (does this size tire exists?) how much would the lowering effect be. What would be all the advantages/disadvantages 110-100-19 vs the 110-100-18 vs the 100-100-18 vs the 100-9018 if I only use it for trail riding. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  14. Hi guys: I am looking for the factory suspension settings (clicks for compression and rebound forks and shock) for 2003 yz250F. I would like to use them as a startpoint to set my suspension. Any info will be greatly appreciated