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  1. I'm looking to help any efforts in Alabama to preserve or open new trails. Any wisdom?
  2. I replaced my 450x with a '07 525 exc and it feels like a feather compared to my x. This is fully street legal. I have both bikes an refuse to ride the Honda. I hate that I was a die hard honda man for so long. To make it worse, my obsolete exc is about to be topped. Poor honda, no hope.
  3. I have a 300xcw and a 450x - the x is for sale. I will not miss the pig.
  4. XC-W, who uses first? 6th sure felt good passing that modified 450x. If you ride high speed Baja style trails you absolutely must have a W (high 6th). If you ride super tight green tunnel eastern trails you must ride a W (low 1st). If you just love motocross trannies and have the knowledge and cash to fix the brick hard suspension buy the xc.
  5. I got my X in march and the battery has not worked in 2 months. I have gotten accustomed to kicking it -which is not that bad. But I think I may have overcharged it and ruined the battery. I think we will see battery threads become more prevalent in the near future. Who has a fix for this - my ktm battery has been flawless?
  6. Fastway - No if, ands, or buts, this is the best peg made for tall riders.
  7. Does the 4.0 come with a extra petcock. Do you need to order anything else to make it work?
  8. Did the fastway subs make it to market? What is the lift in mm of the brp subs?
  9. 4strokedude - I going to baja on my 450x in three weeks and have never been before, any advise on bike, rider, packing information would be greatly appreciated!
  10. r0b - I ride the X in GA. & AL. - ROLL TIDE! Buy only the Fastway FIT Damper/Barkbuster combo with the Scotts damper. Eastern riding conditions equals trails like green tunnels as you well know, these conditions destroy bark busters. The X is so heavy, it will bend what ever brand you use. The fastway will not bend as bad and provides mounting for ANY damper. This set up with a rekluse will leave the left of your bar completely clean = eye candy. Retail price of $150 = sold.
  11. torked - doing the form now - what did you do about being a resident and what is the MSO. What did you put for your value? Thanks in advance!!!
  12. Thanks torked great idea - I'll try it, any advise before I do?
  13. bostrom - no doubt
  14. Did cutting the door vents result in alot more dirt in the filter?
  15. Nobody wants them, but everyone needs them. The benefit/risk ratio clearly points to Bark Busters as a must.