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  1. Elmar

    Neck Brace

    Hi Fellow members Which is the best neck brace?Money no issue.
  2. Elmar

    Clarke Tank for 450X

    Does Clarke tank that is for 04-08 250X fit the 07 450x??Or can i make it fit??
  3. Elmar

    Best Dunlop Tire

    What is the best all around Dunlop tire??
  4. Elmar

    Trail Tech 8´lights

    I know a lot of you guys put on the big lights that you can buy from Trail tech and other company. I just finished putting mine(http://www.trailtech.net/3832-EX-00.html) on and i have one problem,the back of the light is so close to the wire staion in the frame that i cant roll it when needed to adjust it. And also how do you put in on the tubes,close to the upper tripple clamp or as close as you can to the lower clamp??? Sorry about my bad english:bonk:
  5. Elmar

    R Tank on an X

    Does the 3,2Gallon R tank from Acerbis fit the 450X?? I can get one at my dealer for small amount of money.
  6. Where can i find GNCC on torrent? and also HH and just any enduro or offroad racing on torrent??
  7. Elmar

    o8 450x jetting issue?????

    Try 3rd clip on the needle.Workd for me.
  8. Elmar

    Pilot jet

    Hello Fellow X men. I just installed JD jetting kit in my X 165main Blue Needle 4th clip Pilot 48 Fuel screw 1 1/8turn O-ring on the ac pump I also have power now,should i put the stock pilot or put bigger main jet?? I ride from sea level upp to 12000feet and the heat is never more then 20degrees Celsius
  9. http://123.is/swampthing/blog/record/257357/
  10. Elmar

    Some Riding today

    This is an Icelandic Enduro page,my riding buddy takes the pictures and does the writing.He is one of the best Enduro rider in Iceland and is called the ''Punisher''.To go in a enduro tour with him is like trying to walk with no shoes over sahara..pain On the upper picture i am taking some trial move,turning the bike 45degrees on the rear tire oppon rock..
  11. Elmar

    Polishing Spokes

    Hello Guys What is the best way to polish spokes and make them shine again??
  12. Elmar

    Some Riding today

  13. Elmar


    I have had the bike sinse new,it´s 07. Yes in turns it sometimes wants to go straight when leaning in.. I startet it today and when it´s cold i hear valve knocking....an i going insane on this??? Its my second X and i realy like the bike,,
  14. Elmar


    Hello there I just wanted to ask you one thing? Is it normal to have some vibration as the bike idles??and also i hear some more engine noise than usual?? Some times the bike wants to go there own way? Could it be the balancer or something in the engine?? (Sorry about my bad english)
  15. Elmar


    Where can i find ''dummy'' proof pictures of craphichs install??