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  1. blksupra1jzed

    Safe to buy a '99 YZ400F

    One thing on all of these 4 strokes (maybe 2 strokes as well, I'm not sure), but you cannot let them idle. They will overheat. We looked at a 4 stroke 400 before I got the 426 and the guy had just spent $3k rebuilding it. His wife got her bike stuck in some mud. He jumped off his, let it idle, and pulled her out. Must have taken some time, but he cooked the top end. Overall the 400 is a decent machine.
  2. blksupra1jzed

    Raleigh, NC Area?

    Yeah, I have heard stuff about near Harris Nuclear Power plant, have no clue where any of that is. Used to do a lot of riding at poole rd before they leveled that area.
  3. blksupra1jzed

    Raleigh, NC Area?

    Anyone around here? I am just looking for some decent trails to have some fun on. I know where tracks are for that but just no trails for a nice day out. Anyone around here know of any?
  4. Anyone know how about getting a title and registering it? If it's even possible in NC or if I need to know of any loop holes in doing so? The cost I can research myself, I just need help figuring out the tricks of it. I have been looking everywhere and can't seem to find out the details. Anyone on here done it or know anything that could help the cause???
  5. blksupra1jzed

    yz250 or yz426f?

    I have a 426 and sirthumpalot put it right, it takes alot of energy to ride. Yes the power is very smooth but also if you really hit it the bike will just explode with power and it still suprises me still how hard it can hit when you really get on it! They are both great bikes but since I have had my 426 I am just biased to it. I love its power delivery and the sound...it sounds like its going to tear anyone apart while the yz250 kinda sounds like someone about to cut your grass ...good luck!
  6. blksupra1jzed

    What type of pants do you wear?

    I like over the boots, offer the same protection as far as I have experienced, but I am happy with either one.
  7. blksupra1jzed

    I finally got back on two wheels...

    DUST!!! thats my worse thing about them.
  8. blksupra1jzed

    I finally got back on two wheels...

    Lol, i hate ATV's nothing's better than a bike IMO. Yeah drifting is a blast but after over a year without moving the bike I realized, man I need to get back on that thing! I used to have a blast hanging out with people I would meet at the track, one thing I can say is the people in moto-x, harescrambles, etc.. are much better people than I have met at drift events. I just can't wait to get back out there and restart the battle with ARM PUMP!!! It's gonna kill me hahaha
  9. Hey, I don't know who all is on this site still but I am finally getting the ol' 426 out and starting to ride again after a year of not riding. Spent most of my time fixing the car and going to drift competitions. I am from North Carolina, my name is Danny and it has been a long time since I have been out on the bike and also a very long time since I have been on this site, IM GLAD TO SEE IT HERE!! Hey anyone know if Jeff Shearin is still around?