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  1. jdt520

    street motard sx520 or not????

    Yep, the linked worked. I appriate all the pictures and discriptions. I'm not sure when i'll get around to do it... if at all . But now that i know everything that i'll need and where to get everything it's made it pretty clear what it will take. I'm not the worlds greatest mechanic so before i put all this time and money into my machine... i think i'll look around to see if i can't find one already street motarded out for a reasonable price. Thanks again for the pics and instructions.
  2. jdt520

    street motard sx520 or not????

    WOW, geez! thanks for the great write up man. I'll do my best to try and follow those instructions the best i can. It sounds like you know what you're doing. Once i can skrounge up some dough and time to do it. That really helps me out a lot. I had no idea how complex this was. But thanks again on the instructions.
  3. jdt520

    street motard sx520 or not????

    Hey thanks for the advice. Are there any good websites i need to be looking at... like what website is the $1300 ktm conversion kit on? Another one of my problems is the wiring... I can't find any place that sells i specific wiring kit for my bike, i was thinking about dennis kirk even though it only fits 03 and up but maybe i could make it work, idk any other way... I've heard people talking about 6 speed kits that can be bought for a 4 speed machine like mine.... anyone know where to get one of those?
  4. jdt520

    street motard sx520 or not????

    Hey thanks for the write up. After hearing $3000 i'm a little discouraged. Are the 17'' wheels a must? or would the sportsman kit from motostrano work fine plus the $500 wiring kit from dennis kirk (or would the wiring kit you have be a better kit to get?). I agree with you on the 6 speed gear box, do you know anywhere that sells those 6 speed kits?
  5. I have a 2002 KTM sx520 and thinking about turning it into a motard for the street. Is it worth all the hastle and money to convert my bike? And if so, what do i need and where can i get it? Would a 4 speed be enough or would i need to get the 6 speed kit? and where can i find those? And the ignition and lighting and all that stuff, it's really hard to find wiring kits that fit an sx520, so i'm woundering is it even possible? I talked to a DOT guy and he said that i would have to get permission from the manufacturer since it wasn't designed for the street, did some of you guys with street legal motard bikes have to do that too? What do you guys think, i could really use some advice on what it will take to make a supermoto bike and where can i find these parts without spending a fortune? Thanks for the help