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  1. steve525

    new 450x

    just a quick note, because i have not been on line for some time. to the two guys living in Wichita. there is a race tomorrow at jeeps, if you go i will see you there. may be we can organise a ride after that. you will know me, i am too short, too fat and too slow.
  2. steve525

    04 rads on 05 bikes???

    does anyone know if the 04 radiator will fit an 05 crf450x? i just ripped my LH off and put a 1/4" limb through it. surprisingly it did not leak and is zip tied to the side of my bike. i guess the rads are built better than the tranies??? Steve
  3. steve525

    california smog

    how do i get rid of the california smog stuff on my crf450x?
  4. steve525

    05 crf450x exhaust

    what are the other three?
  5. steve525

    05 crf450x exhaust

    I am looking for a replacement exhaust for my crf450x 05, I was thinking of using an 04 that is for sale, does anyone know if it will fit?
  6. steve525

    new 450x

    I have just received my new crf450x, it is California spec (I live in Kansas). any advice on making it go faster? I would guess throwing away the emissions kit and spark arrester, do I need the spark arrester in the US? How do I block up the hole in the cylinder where the California emissions thing was fitted? Jetting? Any advice would be much appreciated.