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  1. tcstover

    TTR 125 BBR Frame Cradle and Chain Guide Install

    thanks Mike
  2. tcstover

    TTR 125 BBR Frame Cradle and Chain Guide Install

    yep we adjusted the chain it's perfect. it was just one of those things. And yes, chain does touch the nylon "bushing" thingy on the guide like I suppose it's suppose to. My husband says it's supposed to wear a natural groove. But really, it didn't just bind, it snagged and hung up the first few times we put it on.... if I had been riding, it would have slung me to high heaven, and broken the chain too... anyway, all's well now, it just took holding the bike level while installing.
  3. I had all kinds of problems with installing these. My bike has not been jumped yet. It is only 3 months old. When installing the frame cradle, we had trouble aligning the bolt holes and we did remove the exhaust first. The cradle had to be bent and tweaked to make it fit, then it rubs on the stock exhaust and the motor on one side. no matter; I can fix that, but it was just a pain. Next the chain guide installation, what should have been easy as falling off a log, was a pain as well..... it would have helped if BBR included some instructions, like "set the bike up and off the kickstand" before installing the chain guide. I had trouble with it hanging and snagging the chain until I tried a fifth time, had my husband hold the bike level while I re-installed; and it worked great that time. If they had just said that with a short installation instruction, it would have saved me much time and many curse words. BBR is not impressive to me. I won't put one of those stickers on my bike now. Their stuff is good, but overpriced, and no directions is just rude. Their site doesn't lend much help either. Finally, they really should do a better job ensuring a proper fit. I'm just still hot and sweaty and angry so take that in stride. If you are installing a cradle and a chain guide... have someone help you; and they can pull, use a punch to align the holes while you attach the bolts. Have the same person help you with the chain guide; and for goodness sake, hold the bike level and not on the kickstand while putting the guide on. It will save you much head scratching and aggravation.
  4. tcstover

    ttr 125 shock replacement suggestion

    Kevin, thanks. They guys at the yamaha place where I bought my 125 and promptly returned it for running "not as expected"; did an upgrade to it at no charge. It is running sweet! I'm adding the frame cradle, chain guide, upgraded yamaha air filter, and gripper seat. I really learn a LOT from this site. I will look into the jetting and maybe try it myself when I feel dangerous, ha!
  5. tcstover

    TTR 125 Ride height?

    I just posted a thread on a shock replacement that was e-a-s-y to do and raised my ttr 125 le by almost 2 inches; you might want to think about that for her or let her in on the ideas!! . And it solved my bottoming out problem. Works Gasser shock for $280, and again easy install. Good luck, I'm a gal too and I love to ride. The little bike is perfect for us gals, but a little underpowered. I am looking forward to a big bore upgrade job soon.
  6. tcstover

    ttr 125 shock replacement suggestion

    I bought a ttr 125 LE about 3 months ago. I kept bottoming out the rear shock whenever I'd ride over even the smallest of bumps or holes. I read all the blogs, threads, etc. and came to the conclusion, I'd just replace the whole rear shock with a Works Gasser Shock Absorber Dennis Kirk Part Number: 582241 Manufacturer Part Number: GASSER Price: $274.99 bottom of the line. My husband and I put it on yesterday easy in about 40 minutes. First ride, was remarkable difference. After tightening it down some, it is marvelous and handles my 125 lbs just great. I read about folks putting stiffer springs, or dual stage shocks, or spending $500 for the better shocks, and all I can say is for me, the bottom of the line Works Gasser is 200% better than the stock yamaha two stage, oil reservoir shock that came on my bike. (I guess mine is a 125 LEW). Just wanted to share. I am so happy I ran across this site right after I got the bike. It has really helped me learn and deal with being a novice dirt rider. Easy installation, great ride.